Presidential Visits to the Brooklyn Navy Yard, Part II

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President Roosevelt with admirals at the Naval Review at Oyster Bay, April 14, 1903. Credit: Library of Congress.

Three years ago, in celebration of Presidents Day, we wrote about the handful of times that sitting US presidents had paid visits to the Brooklyn Navy Yard. At that time, we only mentioned two such visits – by William Howard Taft, once as president-elect on November 13, 1908, and as soon-to-be-ousted-president on October 30, 1912, and by Woodrow Wilson,  on May 11, 1914. But we have since done considerably more historical digging, and we would like to share a few more notable presidential visits. (more…)

Brooklyn Navy Yard Fall Photo Finalists Capture NYC’s Working Waterfront

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Photo by Natalie Marchner

As winter approaches, it means another year of Brooklyn Navy Yard Seasonal Photography Tours is in the books, and we’re happy to announce the final set of three finalists in our annual photo contest, chosen from the submissions from our fall tour earlier this month. These three will join the winterspring, and summer selections in a gallery of 12 finalists that will be displayed later this year in the Brooklyn Navy Yard Center at BLDG 92. You will also have the chance to vote for your favorites in our annual People’s Choice Award voting, both online and at BLDG 92.

But now, on to the selections, picked this time by John Bartelstone, someone who has spent the better part of 25 years documenting the history and transformations of the Yard’s amazing industrial landscape. And not surprisingly, each one of the winning photos captured some element of the working waterfront. (more…)

Brooklyn Greenway Initiative’s Naval Cemetery Landscape

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BGI logo final OK for all uses

With all the major development projects underway at the Brooklyn Navy Yard (the Green Manufacturing Center, Wegman’s, Building 77, Steiner Studios expansion – the list goes on …), it is easy to forget a very exciting, if comparatively modest, project in a quiet corner of the Yard.

For the last several years, the Brooklyn Greenway Initiative has been working to transform a portion of the Yard into a publicly-accessible greenspace. After years of planning, construction is now well underway of the Naval Cemetery Landscape, built on the site of the former Brooklyn Naval Hospital Cemetery. Located at the corner of Williamsburg St West and Kent Ave, this park will be a beautiful pocket of nature and civic history along the planned Brooklyn Waterfront Greenway, a 14-mile bicycle and pedestrian path which will run from Greenpoint all the way to Bay Ridge. (more…)

Noah Chesnin of NY Aquarium Joins Brooklyn Waterfront Tour August 22

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wcs logo

We are now three weeks in to our Brooklyn Waterfront Past & Present Tour series, and our guest speakers so far have been spectacular. Nate Kensinger was able to recall how almost every inch of the Brooklyn, Greenpoint, and Newtown Creek waterfronts have changed over the 10 years that he has been photographing, filming, and researching New York City’s industrial edges. Emily Manley helped us understand why the Gowanus Canal is so troubled, and how the state, federal, and local regulatory agencies work together to clean up the site, and hopefully there are now a few more readers of the New York Environment Report.

For week three, we are again heading north up the East River and the Newtown Creek with Noah Chesnin, Policy Program Manager for the New York Seascape Program at Coney Island’s New York Aquarium, who will share with us his work in conservation, education, and policy connected to the marine wildlife and habitats of the greater New York region. (more…)

New York Environment Report’s Emily Manley Joins Brooklyn Waterfront Tour August 15

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For each of our Brooklyn Waterfront, Past & Present Tours, our guides will be joined by different guest speakers who have worked in some capacity along the New York City waterfront, sharing their perspectives on topics ranging from industry and manufacturing to resiliency planning to marine ecology. For our tour on Saturday, August 15, our guest will be Emily Manley, managing editor of the New York Environment Report. If you can’t make that tour, her NYER colleague Sarah Crean will be joining the tours on September 19 and October 10 (see a complete list of guest speakers). (more…)

Highlights of the Harbor: Shipyards

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Caddell Dry Dock. Credit: Andrew Gustafson

Starting Saturday, August 8, Turnstile Tours will be offering a weekly series of tours by boat in partnership with Classic Harbor Line – Brooklyn Waterfront, Past & Present. These two-hour cruises will depart from Brooklyn Bridge Park Pier 5 and will be narrated by Turnstile guides and a lineup of expert speakers who work along the waterfront. In preparation for our first tour with photographer Nathan Kensinger, we are looking at some of the historic and contemporary features of the harbor. First up – shipyards. (more…)

Press Release: Turnstile Tours and Classic Harbor Line launch new tour series, Brooklyn Waterfront: Past & Present

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IMG_5596 1

Turnstile Tours and Classic Harbor Line launch new tour series, Brooklyn Waterfront: Past & Present

2-hour cruises of Brooklyn waterfront depart Brooklyn Bridge Park Pier 5 every Saturday at 11am, August 8 – October 10

Each tour to feature expert speakers, including representatives from Brooklyn Greenway Initiative, New York Environment Report, New York Aquarium


Fleet Week Ships Carry Strong NYC Connections

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USCGC Sturgeon Bay. Credit: US Coast Guard

On Wednesday, May 20, a small flotilla of US Navy and Coast Guard ships will steam under the Verrazano Narrows Bridge to mark the beginning of a week-long, city-wide celebration of our country’s Sea Services. The ships will be coming from different commands and homeports, but many of them have strong historic and contemporary connections to New York and the nautical history of this region.

The ships will be berthed along Manhattan’s West Side (at Piers 86 and 92) and at The Sullivans Pier in Stapleton, Staten Island. All will be open for public visiting hours (see here), but if you want to get a waterside view of them, join our Fleet Week Harbor Tours, May 22-25, with Classic Harbor Line(more…)