Brooklyn Navy Yard: Tour Brochure and Map

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Design of brochure and map for tour programs at the Brooklyn Navy Yard

In the summer of 2015, Turnstile Studio was contracted by the Brooklyn Navy Yard Development Corporation to create a new visitor brochure for tour programs at the Yard. This brochure was designed to improve wayfinding for visitors, and to encapsulate the wide variety of tour programs and experiences available at the Yard, including tours for the general public, school tours, private group tours, and exhibits and programs at the Brooklyn Navy Yard Center at BLDG 92. (more…)

Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce: Brooklyn Craft Beverage Trail Maps

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Map brochures designed to engage visitors and locals with the craft beverage industry

Our team was commissioned by the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce and their tourism portal,, to create a series of map brochures depicting the booming craft alcohol industry in Brooklyn. Developed as part of CheersNY, a showcase of New York State alcohol producers held at Brooklyn’s Industry City in October 2015, and New York State’s Taste NY initiative, the maps were designed to guide visitors through the borough to the many locations where they can stop in and try a taste of beers, wines, and spirits manufactured in Brooklyn. (more…)

BLDG 92 & Brooklyn Historical Society: Brooklyn Navy Yard STEM and Sustainability Research

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Research and content development for STEM-based K-12 programs

In 2014, Turnstile was commissioned by the Brooklyn Historical Society and the Brooklyn Navy Yard Center at BLDG 92 to create a research document about STEM and sustainability-related topics, both historical and contemporary, at the Brooklyn Navy Yard. This research project was designed to be the content foundation for the development of STEM-based K-12 programs at the Yard. (more…)

Brooklyn Navy Yard Development Corporation: Ambassador Training

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Visitor services trainings for security and front-line staff

This interactive training session for the security staff at the Brooklyn Navy Yard focused on visitor interaction, customer service, and anticipating and adapting to the needs of visitors, including people with disabilities. Led by Cindy VandenBosch, this session explored scenarios and proposed strategies for anticipating and addressing the needs of the wide range of visitors that come to the Brooklyn Navy Yard Center at BLDG 92 in efforts to provide a more welcoming experience for all, including first-time visitors, area residents seeking employment services, and people with visible and invisible disabilities. With training tools and examples drawn from real-life scenarios at BLDG 92, topics covered included tools and tips for positive and proactive visitor engagement, a basic review of effective communication strategies and barrier-free aspects of the the American with Disabilities Act, and interactive exercises to generate group-based discussion on effective practices specific to BLDG 92.

Rochester Institute of Technology: Oral History in Museums and Public History

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Presentation at Rochester Institute of Technology, Department of Museum Studies, December 2013

Cindy VandenBosch was invited to speak with students and faculty in an undergraduate Oral History class in the Department of Museum Studies about Turnstile’s experience collecting, preserving, and utilizing oral history in the creation of tours, public programs, and online content. She spoke about her experience documenting stories of vendors and neighborhood residents in and around Brooklyn’s Moore Street Market, the use of oral history in our programs at the Brooklyn Navy Yard, and her past work at the Lower East Side Tenement Museum.

Singapore Tourism Board & National Heritage Board: Guided Tour Consulting

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Guided Tour Consulting for the Attractions and Experience Development Series in Singapore, November 2013

Staff from Turnstile Tours and the Lower East Side Tenement Museum were invited to Singapore by the country’s Tourism Board, Association of Singapore Attractions, Workforce Development Agency, and the National Heritage Board to provide trainings and consultations on storytelling skills and developing more engaging, interactive guided tours for cultural institutions, tourist attractions, and tour companies. (more…)

NYC Museum Educators Roundtable: Oral History in a Public Context

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Presentation at the New York City Museum Educators Roundtable Annual Conference, May 2013

“Oral History in a Public Context: Fostering Human Connections with Broader Public Meanings”

This conference session, organized by Cindy VandenBosch, included case study presentations and facilitated small group discussions to examine how oral history can be used effectively in a variety of museum-based projects, from apps to place-making activities, walking tours to educational programs, as a means of fostering personal connections with the past, and with broader public meanings. (more…)

St. Nick’s Alliance: Tour Consulting

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Support for development of neighborhood-based tour offered by a non-profit organization

During the spring of 2012, Turnstile Tours provided support to staff members at St. Nick’s Alliance to develop and offer a walking tour focused on sites of historical significance in Williamsburg, a neighborhood in North Brooklyn, that wove together stories of sites, residents, and the organization’s impact over time on issues related to affordable housing, crime, care for senior citizens, public art, and youth programs. Turnstile Tours provided support by providing feedback on place-based storytelling techniques, incorporation of primary sources, past-present connections, and methods for engaging attendees.

Neighborhood Women: Tour Consulting

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Technical assistance in walking tour development and delivery for neighborhood place-marking initiative

During the spring of 2013, Turnstile’s founder Cindy VandenBosch provided support to Neighborhood Women, a non-profit organization based in North Brooklyn, to help shape and develop a walking tour based on the stories of female community leaders as part of a place-marking initiative. Cindy provided feedback to the tour development team on techniques for incorporating personal stories within the context of larger neighborhood issues, while using visual cues, primary sources, and audience participation to support storytelling.  Feedback and support was also provided regarding logistical implementation of the tour, from designing a realistic, achievable route to staying on time and providing locations for attendees to sit down and rest throughout the experience.