Brooklyn Navy Yard Tours

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For over 150 years, the Brooklyn Navy Yard churned out America’s most famous fighting ships, from the USS Maine to the USS Missouri. Today, the Yard is a model for sustainable urban industrial parks with over 330 manufacturing and creative businesses. We offer a wide variety of theme-based programs on history, architecture, industry and more, so there’s something for everyone at the Brooklyn Navy Yard to explore by bicycle, bus, and on foot!

Past, Present & Future TourWorld War II TourInside Industry TourSustainable Architecture & Industry TourUrban Ecology TourPhotography TourYard Inspectors Family ProgramPrivate Tours

All Brooklyn Navy Yard Tours are offered in partnership with the Brooklyn Navy Yard Center at BLDG 92.



Food Cart Tours

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A metal food cart in the background with text that reads Food Cart Tours in white lettering in the foreground.

Street food offers an amazing window into the life of a city and its neighborhoods and people. Our on Food Cart Tours of Manhattan’s Financial District and Midtown, we introduce visitors and lifelong New Yorkers alike to the amazing tastes and stories of the city’s street vendor community, offering the opportunity to not only taste amazing dishes from all over the world cooked up on the sidewalk, but also to get an insider’s perspective on the industry.

MidtownFinancial DistrictPrivate Tours

5% of all Food Cart Tour ticket sales are donated to the Street Vendor Project.



Public Market Tours

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Background includes a market that reads "Moore Street Market" with the words Immigrant Foodways in the foreground in white lettering

For more than 75 years, New York City has had a network of publicly-owned markets to provide affordable fresh and prepared foods to local neighborhoods. These tours seek to highlight not only the history of the remaining public markets, but also the wonderful food and the people that serve it that can be found within their walls. In Williamsburg, Brooklyn, our Immigrant Foodways Tour of the Moore Street Market offers visitors the chance to try cuisine from Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, and Mexico from the market and restaurants in the surrounding neighborhood, highlighting the connections between immigrant communities and local food systems. And we now offer tours of the Essex Street Market, showcasing the butchers, fishmongers, cheese purveyors, and more that make this market a cornerstone of the Lower East Side.

Moore Street MarketEssex Street Market

All Public Market Tours are offered in partnership with the New York City Economic Development Corporation and the vendors in the local communities.



Brooklyn Army Terminal Tours

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The background includes a large atrium with railroad tracks running down the middle with large concrete walls with balconies on both sides of the atrium with a foreground that reads Brooklyn Army Terminal in white lettering.

These historic, architectural, and industrial walking tours step inside an engineering marvel that is today a center of innovation and business development in New York City. Built to supply American forces on the Western Front in World War I, this enormous Cass Gilbert-designed complex served as a supply base for the American military until the Vietnam War. Today, this thriving industrial park is home to over 100 companies in a wide array of industries, from precision manufacturers to biotech researchers, online retailers to chocolatiers.

More InformationPrivate Tours

All Brooklyn Army Terminal Tours are offered in partnership with the New York City Economic Development Corporation.



Harbor Tours

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Step aboard a beautiful wooden motor yacht and explore New York Harbor in comfort as our knowledgeable guides discuss the past and present of the working and industrial waterfront. Our Brooklyn Waterfront Past & Present Tour departs from Brooklyn Bridge Park and gives visitors the opportunity to see a side of the fast-changing borough that few get to, visiting container ports, recycling facilities, and shipyards that are vital to the daily operations of the city. Or you can explore the military and naval history of the harbor, as our Fighting Ships & Working Waterfronts Tour takes you back to World War II, when nearly every inch of shoreline was taken up by shipyards, warehouses, and piers sending troops and supplies across the globe for the war effort.

Brooklyn Waterfront Past & PresentFighting Ships & Working Waterfronts

All tours are offered in partnership with Classic Harbor Line.