Brooklyn Navy Yard: Past, Present & Future Tour

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The LEED-Platinum certified Broklyn Navy Yard Center at BLDG 92. Credit Andrew Gustafson

• Saturdays & Sundays at 2pm • Bus & Walking •

For over 150 years, the Brooklyn Navy Yard churned out America’s most famous fighting Naval ships, from the USS Maine to the USS Missouri. Today, the Yard is a model for sustainable urban industrial parks and is home to over 330 industrial and creative businesses. This guided tour explores the vast 300-acre (126-hectare) property along Brooklyn’s industrial waterfront and offers opportunities to take a closer look at the Yard’s most intriguing sites, including a dry dock that’s been used for ship repair since 1851, historic buildings that are being adaptively reused for industrial purposes, and the Green Manufacturing Center, a future hub for the development of new products and technologies. Oral history clips and historical photographs from the site’s Naval past, as well as stories of industrial innovators at the Yard today, will also be included on this tour. While we’ll use a bus to get you from place to place, we will be getting off the bus at several locations throughout the Yard to take a closer look.

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Brooklyn Navy Yard: World War II Tour

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Credit: New York Naval Shipyard Sesqui-Centennial  Anniversary

• Monthly on Select Sundays • Bus & Walking •

The Brooklyn Navy Yard played a pivotal role in World War II, building battleships and aircraft carriers, repairing over 5,000 ships, and sending troops and supplies to fronts across the globe. Not only did the Yard construct the USS Arizona a generation before the war, which was sunk at Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941, but it is also where the battleship Missouri was constructed, where the peace treaty ending the war was signed in 1945. Thanks to the efforts of its 70,000 workers, the Brooklyn Navy Yard became the world’s busiest shipyard, earning the nickname “The Can-Do Yard” for its ability to patch up wounded ships and put them back in action.

This tour examines the role of the New York City waterfront in the war effort, explores connections between the Yard and famous battles of World War II, and visits sites of significance that remain from this era, including the former ship assembly shops and the historic Dry Dock 1. Throughout the tour, we listen to clips of oral histories recorded with sailors and shipworkers who were at the Yard during the war, including from women working in industrial jobs, and from people of color, for whom the war presented both challenges and new opportunities. This tour aims to evoke a sense of what the Yard was like during the war – a place of tremendous energy, innovation, and achievement, but tempered by terrible loss. While we use a bus to get you from place to place, we provide opportunities for everyone to get off the bus at several stops for a closer look at historically significant sites.

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Brooklyn Army Terminal Tour

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BAT atrium longview

• Select Weekends at 11am • Walking •

Step inside an engineering marvel that is today a center of innovation and business development in New York City. Built to supply American forces on the Western Front in World War I, this enormous Cass Gilbert-designed complex served as a supply base for the American military until the Vietnam War. Today, this thriving industrial park is home to over 100 companies in a wide array of industries, from precision manufacturers to biotech researchers, online retailers to chocolatiers.

On this 2-hour walking tour, we will explore how millions of tons of war supplies and personnel were shipped through this teeming transportation hub, hear the stories of soldiers, longshoremen, and merchant mariners who worked these piers, rail yards, and warehouses, and learn how these facilities are put to use today. Looking at the broader context, this tour will discuss what made the Port of New York the envy of the world in the mid-20th century, why it went into decline, and how Brooklyn’s working waterfront is being revitalized today. Along the way, we will enjoy sweeping views of the harbor, visit the 600,000-square-foot unrestored space of Building A, and step inside the Terminal’s architectural gem – the breathtaking atrium of Building B, where freight trains once rumbled through to be loaded from the innovative cantilevered balconies. Join us to explore the sights and stories of a century of work at the Brooklyn Army Terminal!

Turnstile Tours is a certified provider for the American Institute of Architects Continuing Education System, and participants on this tour can receive AIA CES credits. See below for more information.

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Military History Tour of New York Harbor

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USS San Antonio and USS New York. Credit:

• Offered during NYC Fleet Week and for special events • Boat Cruise •

In honor of Fleet Week and Memorial Day, we are again working with Classic Harbor Line to offer this special series of boat tours focusing on the military history of New York Harbor, especially during World War II. Starting from Chelsea Piers, this 2.5-hour cruise aboard their beautiful motor yacht Manhattan II will feature visits to the Brooklyn Navy Yard, Brooklyn Army Terminal, Staten Island Navy pier, and USS Intrepid, as well as getting a waterside view of the active naval vessels. Along the way, we will share the stories of sailors, shipbuilders, longshoremen and merchant mariners who built New York Harbor into the heart of the American war effort. Each ticket includes one complimentary drink from the bar and light snacks. Fleet Week NYC 2017 will feature a huge assembly of ships from the United States Sea Services, including the US Navy, Coast Guard, and Marine Corps. In addition to stopping on Manhattan’s West Side and Staten Island, ships will also be coming to Brooklyn, berthing at the Red Hook Cruise Ship Terminal.

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