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 Tour Highlights:
  • 1-hour guided tour of the Wafels & Dinges headquarters and commissary
  • Explore the commercial kitchen that produces dough and ice cream for their carts, trucks, kiosks, and cafés
  • See where food carts and trucks go at night
  • Enjoy a fresh-made Liège wafel and a coffee or water with your tour
  • Learn about one of New York City’s most successful street food brands

Have you ever wanted to see what it takes to run a successful street food business behind the scenes? This tour will take you inside de Royal Dinges Factory, the commissary, production space, and headquarters of one of New York City’s most popular street food brands. On this guided tour, we will show you how they make their spectacular Liège wafel dough and delicious ice cream to supply their constellation of carts, trucks, kiosks, and cafés; you will learn how those carts and trucks are stored, supplied, and maintained; and you will get an insider’s look at this dynamic and growing business. You will even get the chance to put your hands in some wafel dough, and even cook your own fresh-made wafel in their custom-made irons. This tour is a great complement to our Food Cart Tours of Manhattan.

General Admission: $25 per person

Seniors (65+): $22.50 per person (10% off)

Children (5-11): $12.50 per person

Children under 5 are welcome to attend free.

Advance ticket purchase is required.
1 hour

We ask tour participants to please arrive 10 minutes before the tour start so that we can begin on time.
Tours begin at de Royal Dinges Factory, 264 Butler Street, Brooklyn, NY Please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page for complete directions and information on public transportation, or consult our transportation map.
Use the calendar below to find our next available tour date. If you are interested in other food tours of New York City, try our Food Cart Tours and Public Market Tours.
This tour includes one Liège wafel and a bottle of water of coffee per person. The wafel is vegetarian and contains no nuts, but we cannot offer any vegan or gluten-free alternatives. If you have any questions regarding the menu, please contact us directly.

1672754-inline-iconbwAs these tours takes place in public facilities and on sidewalks, these tours are fully accessible to visitors who use wheelchairs or mobility devices. Please note any requests for accommodations in your reservation or contact us in advance so that our guides can review the tour route for any obstructions or inaccessible pathways in advance of the tour. Please be advised that this tour does involve extended periods of walking and standing with minimal opportunities to sit down.

Hearing access symbol that shows an ear with radio signals emanating from the earAssistive listening devices – With at least 24 hours advance notice, portable FM assistive listening devices with headsets or neck loops can be made available for all public and private tours. Please note in your reservation or contact us at least 24 hours prior to your tour if you or a guest in your party would like to use a receiver. We cannot guarantee that assistive listening devices will be available if the request is made within 24 hours of the tour start time.

Accessibility symbol that shows a person walking with a cane to indicate services for visitors who are blind or have low visionVerbal description and large print materials – All of our tours are designed to be multi-sensory. We also have staff members who are experienced in verbal description and have led tour programming for visitors who are blind or have low vision. We can also make available all of our materials in large print upon request. Please notify us in advance either when making your reservation or by contacting us if you would like your public or private tour to be staffed accordingly so that we can ensure a fully-inclusive experience.

American Sign Language Accessibility Symbol American Sign Language interpretation – We seek to offer accessible experiences for all visitors. As such, with at least two weeks advance notice, we will seek to provide American Sign Language interpretation free of charge for visitors who are deaf for all of our tours. To place a request, please contact or text or call +1(347)903-8687.

For people with developmental and/or intellectual disabilities – We celebrate diversity in learning styles and abilities. With advance notice for public or private tours, we have the capability to provide accessible and inclusive programming for people with development and/or intellectual disabilities and their family members and friends. For example, with advance notice, we can provide a sensory-friendly experience for private groups of visitors with autism that includes visual supports and non-verbal tools before and during the visit (social narrative, visual schedules, etc), fidgets, as well as multi-sensory and kinesthetic approaches. With advance notice for public tours, Turnstile Tours can provide these accommodations and can also assign a staff member who has extensive experience leading programs for people with and without intellectual and development disabilities.  Please contact or text or call +1(347)903-8687 for more information.

Please contact us via email at or call or text us at +1(347) 903-8687 for more information.

Please contact us for more details on booking a private tour of the Wafel Factory, or visit our Group Tours page. Private tours can be offered on weekdays, subject to availability, for up to 40 visitors.

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