Next Photography Tour of the Brooklyn Navy Yard April 20

As springtime eases into our consciousness, photographers around New York City emerge from hibernation and dust off their lenses, and photos of brightness arising from drab cityscapes begin to fill the memory cards of phones and cameras (and for some still, actual film).  But what can photographers do to breathe new life into typical process or themes?  Thomas Witte, the featured photographer for the next Seasonal Photography Tour of the Brooklyn Navy Yard, points us in interesting directions.>> Continue reading

Brooklyn Navy Yard a Photo Haven for Every Season of Photographer

New York City is a fine place for a photographer, offering eternal photographic fodder for both inspiration and subject matter.  Because of the camera, our city’s rise to urban stardom has been well-documented.  Our people and places come and go, but photographs freeze them in time and excite a special part of our intellect.  That said, it’s not every day that an actual place seems to have frozen in time.  The Brooklyn Navy Yard has been fenced in since the 1820s, and certain sections of the huge campus have not been touched in many years.  When this type of place is spotted, guess who gets excited? Photographers.>> Continue reading