Vote In Brooklyn Navy Yard Photography Contest

Throughout 2013, Turnstile Tours offered a series of photography tours at the Brooklyn Navy Yard in partnership with BLDG 92.  These seasonal explorations took visitors all around the Yard and gave them time to capture small details up-close or step back and set up a landscape shot.  From the cranes of the shipyard to the ivy-clad buildings of the Naval Hospital, tour-goers created an amazing compendium of the Yard through the seasons.

After each of the four seasonal tours,  participating photographers submitted their best shots to our photography contest, and Yard-based artists selected three finalists from among the submissions – below are those 12 finalists.>> Continue reading

Photographers Come From All Over To Snap Brooklyn Navy Yard in Fall

The three winning photographers came from three different states to explore the Brooklyn Navy Yard on our Seasonal Photography Tour on October 19.  And our contest judge, photographer Davina Zagury Feinberg, came to the Brooklyn Navy Yard from Thailand (via Israel and other spots around NYC) as a tenant four years ago.  It is no surprise to us that the Fall Photography Tour and contest upholds the Yard’s tradition as a place where cultures collide.

Since it was established by the federal government in 1801, the Navy Yard has attracted people from around the globe.  The site eventually became a center for technology and industry, and a place where the brightest minds in America would thrive.  Famed folks like E.R. Squibb (from Delaware), James Fennimore Cooper (from New Jersey), and Matthew Calbraith Perry (from Rhode Island) set a precedent for collaboration and innovation in the Yard during the first half of the nineteenth century that still exists today.  While “green” buildings and cutting-edge technologies dot today’s industrial park, the beauty of the Yard’s old infrastructure proves too sublime for photographers from any state of the union to resist.>> Continue reading

Brooklyn Navy Yard Fall Photos Are In!

Usually a cloudy day is not ideal for a tour – but for our Fall Photography Tour of the Brooklyn Navy Yard, the cloudy weather could not have been better.  The light during the tour two Saturdays ago was diffused by the clouds, which made for an evenly-lit and crisp batch of photos.  And the clouds themselves… fuggetaboutit!

Please enjoy browsing the  photo submissions below.  If they seem a little cooler than a regular browse through your Instagram or Facebook feed, that’s because they are.>> Continue reading

Brooklyn Navy Yard-Based Photographer Davina Zagury Feinberg to Judge Fall Photo Tour Contest

When Brooklyn Navy Yard-based photographer Davina Zagury Feinberg moved to Brooklyn from Israel ten years ago, she had the notion that she could make it as an artist.  As we sat together in the café atop BLDG 92 in the Yard last week, it was apparent that she had done just that.

We at Turnstile Tours and the Brooklyn Navy Yard Center at BLDG 92 are proud to announce Davina as our featured artist for the Fall Photography Tour of the Brooklyn Navy Yard on October 19.  As you may know, this also means she will be judging the tour’s photo contest – and years spent navigating the photography world on both sides of the Atlantic qualify Davina for this assignment.>> Continue reading

Winning Photos from Brooklyn Navy Yard Summer Tour

Photo by TaraFawn Marek @thetfawn

The results are in for our Brooklyn Navy Yard Summer Photography Tour!  Contest judge and Yard-based photographer Amy Fronczkiewicz has picked her three favorite photos from this season’s Instagram submissions out of a total of 87 entries.  Here they are in no particular order – drumroll please …

Amy had this to say about this entry from David Ziegler: “Strong graphic composition with a creative, clever use of perspective.”  Amy paid close attention to composition and balance in all of her choices, and in this photo the placement of specific elements makes the image.  Warm, earthy colors of the rusty hook bend to a point, where an ambiguous red triangle awaits. This sets off a cool background containing a more modern marvel — One World Trade Center.>> Continue reading

Summer Brooklyn Navy Yard Photos Span the Ages

Thomas Cole, "Desolation" (1836)

While looking through the submissions from the participants on our Summer Photography Tour of the Brooklyn Navy Yard, I was reminded of one of the grandest works of art we have right here in New York City, Thomas Cole’s Course of Empire, which is housed at the New-York Historical Society.

At about the same time the US Navy began building the famed Brooklyn Naval Hospital, Cole was painstakingly painting his five-part masterwork.  It was the 1830’s, and Americans were keenly aware of the global powerhouse that the United States could become.  Cole painted the series in glowing and detailed Hudson River School-style, depicting five stages of empire – the series takes viewers from a “Savage” to “Pastoral” states, then to the “Consummation of Empire,”  “Destruction,” and finally “Desolation.”>> Continue reading

Summer Photography Tour Shows Navy Yard in Full Bloom

The next installment of our year-long series of Seasonal Photography Tours of the Brooklyn Navy Yard is coming up next week (Saturday, July 20, 11am-1pm), with a new perspective on the yard and a new yard-based photographer who will judge our photo contest.

If you’re unfamiliar with these tours, here’s how it works: we meet at the Brooklyn Navy Yard Center, board a (mercifully air-conditioned!) bus, and visit eye-popping spots around the sprawling 300-acre site.  Throughout the tour, we sprinkle in stories about the yard’s history and present tenants (there are 300+ businesses in the yard), but the real focus is giving participants the opportunity to take great shots of the unique landscape.  For two hours, they get  a behind-the-scenes look at the yard itself, while learning something about the yard’s transformation today.>> Continue reading

Spring Photography Tour Offers New Perspective on Brooklyn Navy Yard

The photos we’ve collected from our Spring Photography Tour of the Brooklyn Navy Yard reflect the huge variety of material in the yard.  Over thirty photographers packed the bus on the morning of Saturday, April 20, and for two hours we buzzed about the industrial waterfront.  An overcast day provided good, diffused light for the group, and their individual visions shined into the nooks and crannies of the yard.  Throughout the following week, over fifty submissions to our Instagram photo contest trickled in.  The tough task of choosing three favorites fell to Navy Yard-based artist Thomas Witte – but before we announce the winners, we want to thank all of the tour participants for exploring the yard with us, and all of the photographers who submitted their wonderful photos.  Here are Thomas’ selections:>> Continue reading

Brooklyn Navy Yard Spring Photography Tour Submissions

We recently held our second installment of our Photography Tour of the Brooklyn Navy Yard, and to all those who participated in the photo contest, we salute you!  Not only were the submissions diverse and vibrant, but we had over 50 entries!  Three winning photos will be chosen next week by Yard-based artist Thomas Witte.  In next week’s blog post we’ll highlight the winners, but for now I want to share some insight and excellent news about our celebrity judge.

Upon speaking with Thomas last week, I learned a few things about the role that photography plays in his work (which I began to discuss in my previous post).  Thomas’s grandfather was a surgeon who caught the photography bug.  Back in the days before digital, his grandfather would shoot and develop hundreds of slides, and they have become the basis for much of Thomas’ art.  Just recently, while preparing for an upcoming Arts for Transit installation, he trekked into Grand Central Terminal with his dad, who also happens do be a photographer.  With the younger Witte directing the elder, the tripod was strategically placed, photos clicked, and the scenes were cemented in time.  These purpose-shot images will become part of a four-artist installation utilizing 16 large light boxes in Grand Central’s lower dining area.  Thomas will use the images as the material for large, dark stencils that will silhouette against the backlit boxes (see more of his stencil work here).  The stenciling will demand surgeon-like precision (it must run in the family!), and the results should be stunning.>> Continue reading

Next Photography Tour of the Brooklyn Navy Yard April 20

As springtime eases into our consciousness, photographers around New York City emerge from hibernation and dust off their lenses, and photos of brightness arising from drab cityscapes begin to fill the memory cards of phones and cameras (and for some still, actual film).  But what can photographers do to breathe new life into typical process or themes?  Thomas Witte, the featured photographer for the next Seasonal Photography Tour of the Brooklyn Navy Yard, points us in interesting directions.>> Continue reading