Galangal and Globalization: How Thai Ingredients Get to Our Plate | Episode 216

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On this virtual program, we will follow traditional Thai ingredients as they travel 12,000 miles from farms and factories to restaurants, shops, and take-out meals in New York City. We will get an insider’s view of this supply chain by visiting Vasinee Food Corp, a food importer and distributor in East Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Started over 30 years ago in a tiny warehouse in Manhattan’s Chinatown, today Vasinee is one of the largest distributors of Thai food products in the region. We will not only see products that they have in their warehouse, but how they prepare meals with these ingredients for their staff eats every day at their company lunch. We will also go live to 3 Aunties Food Market, a grocery store in Woodside, Queens that specializes in Thai products and prepared foods, to learn more about these unique ingredients and how to use them in your own cooking at home.

This program is part of the series Thai Food in America: Passport to the Northeast sponsored by Thai Select USA.

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