Learning to See the Earth: Discussion and Drawing Workshop with Sarah Olson | Episode 95

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Sarah Olson is a Brooklyn-based painter, performance artist, and mother. Grounded by her love and respect for place and human experience, Sarah’s insightful work hits you with the clarity and personal resonance of dreams; color, lines, and partially familiar images blend together creating a sense that the world is more beautiful than you might know, and that you belong in it. This program will look at Sarah’s New York-focused work, her “live painting” performances, and most recent installation, “RISE ALL BOATS: A World Water Map,” in which she collaborates with James Baldwin scholar Khadija Kamara to chart ancestral, deliberate and involuntary human migration through performative drawing. Sarah will also guide us through a fun drawing lesson, teaching us to draw the earth as seen from space! Suitable for kids, parents and all curious adults.

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