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Reopening | May 2021 Member Newsletter

Last week, we continued two ongoing series on our virtual programs: programs about canals, and programs from boats. This time we paddled around in a canoe to explore the Connecticut River, taking a closer look at Sumner’s Falls in Hartland, Vermont, former site of a small two-lock canal for riverboats. You can watch the whole program, and check out resources we put together on the history of the seven canals built between 1795 and 1835 in a futile effort to make the river navigable from Long Island Sound to Barnet, Vermont. We especially recommend taking a closer look at this beautiful 1828 map, which shows an ambitious plan to connect the Sound with the St. Lawrence River in Canada. Or if you just want to enjoy a bit of the scenery, watch the one-minute segment above of Andrew paddling below the rapids.