Up Close and Personal with Food Photographer Clay Williams | Virtual Program

PAST PROGRAM | Virtual Programs

Get a snapshot of the life of a food photographer. Brooklynite Clay Williams will join us to discuss his experience working on cookbooks, at the James Beard Foundation, on projects for the New York Times, and being the official food photographer of the Vendy Awards. In addition to sharing his stories and mouth-watering photos, he’ll give us some tips on how to get great food photos from our phones for Instagram or just your own personal memories.

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Art of Street Vending: From Colonial New York to the New Deal | Virtual Program

PAST PROGRAM | Virtual Programs

In this virtual program, Turnstile Tours founder Cindy VandenBosch examines how children’s books, novels, paintings, and postcards have depicted New York City’s street vendors, and the foods and merchandise they sell over time. From hot corn and baked pears to knishes and sweet potatoes, she will dive into vendor stories depicted in works including the 1808 book “Cries of New York,” documentation from the Works Progress Administration, and images by William Chappel (pictured), Lou Barlow, and Raymond Ewer, among others.

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Places New Yorkers Love: In Conversation with Author and Artist John Tebeau | Virtual Program

PAST PROGRAM | Virtual Programs

Join our conversation with artist and author John Tebeau, who’s book “Bars, Taverns, and Dives New Yorkers Love” features beautiful portraits and loving tributes to some of the best gathering places in neighborhoods across this great city. John will share his artwork and his favorite neighborhood spots that bring people together, and we will invite everyone to share their favorite place that they’re missing during this time of pandemic.

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Virtual Visit to BioBAT Art Space: Where Art and Science Intersect | Virtual Program

PAST PROGRAM | Virtual Programs

See innovative works of art inspired by science and learn about the intersections between art and science as part of this interactive online conversation with the founders of BioBAT Art Space, a gallery based at BioBAT, a nonprofit incubator for biotech labs, located in the historic Brooklyn Army Terminal in Sunset Park. An excellent program for all ages, including parents and teachers with children at home!

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Brooklyn Navy Yard Fall Photo Contest

For our penultimate Brooklyn Navy Yard Seasonal Photography Tour of 2017, we asked another Yard-based artist to make selections for the year-end finalists. Nick Golebiewski is a visual artist who makes large-scale gouache paintings – a type of opaque watercolor – of New York cityscapes. His “Nick’s Lunchbox Service” is daily drawing series in which he draws the landscape in front on him, and is definitely worth checking out on his Instagram feed. The series is in its fourth year and has been featured as a Twitter Moment, in collaborations online with the Jewish Museum, the Museum at Eldridge Street, and Dyckman Farmhouse Museum, and through the “Walk & Draw” tours he’s led with the Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation.>> Continue reading

Brooklyn Navy Yard Summer Photography Contest Judge: Painter Jeff Britton

On our Brooklyn Navy Yard Photography Tours, we’re always encouraging people to look for the unexpected. Even on streets we’ve walked down a thousand times, there may be something new, or something very old you never noticed before.

Walking down the halls of the enormous Building 3, constructed in 1917 and one of the Yard’s largest buildings, I recently found something very unexpected. I walked into Triple J Bedding, a distributor of linens to hotels and hospitals across the country; stacks of sheets, blankets, and towels were stacked floor to ceiling with just narrow passages between them. After wending my way through this cavern, I found a little oasis at the back – the studio of artist Jeff Britton.>> Continue reading

Fall 2016: Brooklyn Navy Yard Photo Contest

Last week we held our final Brooklyn Navy Yard Seasonal Photography Tour of 2016 (don’t worry if you missed it – our next one will be on January 22). Stay tuned because after we receive the last three finalist photos from this round, we’ll be unveiling the online voting for the year-end People’s Choice Award, and these finalists will be put on display in the Brooklyn Navy Yard Center at BLDG 92.

On this Election Day, our photography judge gets to make a much more pleasant and interesting selection than most of us casting our ballots at polling places. This season’s judge is Thyra Heder, an artist, author, illustrator, and woman of many talents who has called the Yard home for many years. If you’re a fan of children’s books, you may have seen her wonderful debut Fraidyzoo (on sale in the BLDG 92 gift shop), which she followed up with The Bear Report.>> Continue reading

Isabelle Garbani’s “Post-War Blues” Brightens Brooklyn Army Terminal

If you walk the length of the atrium of the Brooklyn Army Terminal’s Building B during this weekend’s Open House New York, you will encounter a remarkable piece of art – Isabelle Garbani’s “Post-War Blues.”

Made up of more than 5,000 hand-crocheted and knitted flowers, the installation cascades from the train car parked on the atrium’s tracks, which once carried freight trains filled with war materiel into the Terminal’s warehouses and onto waiting ships along the Brooklyn waterfront.>> Continue reading