Brooklyn Historical Society DUMBO Neighborhood & Museum Tour

Join us for a walk through the historic streets of DUMBO as we explore how the water has shaped New York City, and vice versa. Starting at the Brooklyn Historical Society’s DUMBO location, housed inside the renovated 1869 Empire Stores building, we will introduce you to their exhibition Waterfront, which chronicles Brooklyn’s long and complex history along 131 miles of coastline. We will then step out into the neighborhood to see the dynamic waterfront as it is today, and illustrate its many transformations over the past two centuries and the challenges that lie ahead.

DUMBO is in many ways a microcosm of this vast shoreline. Once an agricultural hinterland, this area became America’s first suburb, then emerged as an industrial and shipping powerhouse rivaling the city across the river. The landscape of DUMBO was built on innovation and hard labor, and we will hear stories of both the captains of industry and ordinary workers who built Brooklyn. We will also explore the deindustrialization of Brooklyn, and the remaking of DUMBO into one of New York City’s most desirable neighborhoods, a commercial and residential district ringed by parkland where piers and factories once stood.

Tour Info & Highlights

  • Visit Brooklyn Historical Society DUMBO’s new Waterfront exhibit
  • Learn how Brooklyn’s waterfront has evolved over centuries
  • Hear stories of DUMBO’s transformation, from Brooklyn’s early days to the present
icon-calendar  SUN 11:15am
icon-clock-o  1.5 hours
  Exhibit & Walking tour
icon-map-marker  BHS DUMBO, Empire Stores 

These tours are offered in partnership with the Brooklyn Historical Society.

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