Thai Food in America | Passport to the Northeast

In celebration of Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, Turnstile Tours has teamed up with Thai Select USA, Northeast Region to showcase the tastes and talents of Thai chefs and eateries in the region, from Raleigh, NC to Glens Falls, NY, and every place in between. Use this interactive map as your guide to the Thai Select restaurants and other Thai cultural sites to explore stories, recipes, and videos from restaurants across the region. Each week, we will be hosting free live virtual programs (May 12–June 2) featuring visits to authentic Thai restaurants, food suppliers, and communities, and lessons in Thai language, culture, and cooking.

Episode 1: Galangal and Globalization: How Thai Ingredients Get to Our Plate

On this virtual program, we will follow traditional Thai ingredients as they travel 12,000 miles from farms and factories to restaurants, shops, and take-out meals in New York City. We will get an insider’s view of this supply chain by visiting Vasinee Food Corp, a food importer and distributor in East Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Started over 30 years ago in a tiny warehouse in Manhattan’s Chinatown, today Vasinee is one of the largest distributors of Thai food products in the region. We will not only see products that they have in their warehouse, but how they prepare meals with these ingredients for their staff eats every day at their company lunch. We will also go live to 3 Aunties Food Market, a grocery store in Woodside, Queens that specializes in Thai products and prepared foods, to learn more about these unique ingredients and how to use them in your own cooking at home.

Episode 2: Function and Fusion: Thai Flavors in America

How have Americans’ perceptions of Thai food and culture changed over time? And how have these perceptions affected what’s on the menu? We will tackle these questions with Mark Padoongpatt, PhD, Associate Professor and Director of Asian and Asian American Studies at University of Nevada Las Vegas and author of Flavors of Empire: Food and the Making of Thai America, who will share how Thai immigrants have navigated food systems to recreate the “yum” of their homeland. We’ll then head to the Baltimore-Washington area for interviews and cooking demos with two long-time Thai favorites that both feature diverse menus and incorporate a range of cultural influences. We’ll be joined by Chef Aulie Bunyarataphan and Mel Oursinsiri, the husband and wife team behind Bangkok Joe’s in Georgetown, who will share their story and how their concept came to include Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese, and French flavors alongside traditional Bangkok cuisine. Then we’ll visit with restauranteur Sireenuch Tengamnuary, owner for longtime Baltimore restaurant Thai Landing, and we’ll check in on her new restaurant, Towson, MD’s Absolute Thai-Sushi, where a Japanese sushi menu complements a wide range of Thai specialities. 

Episode 3: Thai Communities and Family Recipes in NYC

Food is all about family and community, and Queens not only boasts some of the best Thai restaurants in New York City, but is also home to the largest Thai enclave in the northeast. On this virtual program, we will explore the neighborhood of Elmhurst with author, tour guide, local resident, and culinary consultant Joe DiStefano, who will join us live from Queens and highlight landmarks of the Thai community. We will also stop in to Sabay Thai to chat with Chef Busaya to learn about her upbringing in Northern Thailand and see what she’s cooking up in the kitchen. And we will head to Boerum Hill, Brooklyn, where Chef Tan will share dishes inspired by his mother at the family-owned Wanisa Home Kitchen.

Episode 4: Sawasdee, Somtum Der! Lessons in Thai Language & Cooking

For the final installment of this Thai food and culture series, we will travel virtually to Thailand and learn some basic Thai phrases to help us get around. Titcha Ho, a PhD candidate and lecturer at the University at Albany and professional tutor and language consultant, will give us a basic introduction to the Thai language. Then we will experience a live cooking demonstration from the Bangkok location of Somtum Der, a highly-acclaimed global restaurant group with two locations in New York City. Somtum Der CEO Tatchai Nakapan will also join to share how his restaurants have brought Isan (northeastern Thailand) cuisine to a global audience, from Bangkok to Tokyo, Ho Chi Minh City to Brooklyn!

This program is part of the series Thai Food in America: Passport to the Northeast sponsored by Thai Select USA.