Thai Food in America | Virtual Program Series

Thai food has exploded in popularity in the United States, and this series will explore not only the dishes, ingredients, and techniques of Thai cuisine, but the stories of the chefs and family-owned restaurants whose hard work and creativity have made Thai food in America what it is today. Hosted by food blogger and culinary guide Brian Hoffman, this interactive virtual program series features live interviews and cooking demonstrations with chefs from across the country, who will explore such topics as the history of Thai food’s spread across the globe, the distinctive regional cuisines of Thailand, and emerging trends in Thai cooking.

This is a six-part series, and we will be adding more episodes to the lineup below in the coming days. Below you can find links to join upcoming programs, watch past programs, or join the YouTube live stream of the next episode.

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Episode 1: Gastrodiplomacy and the Rise of Thai Cuisine in America

September 14, 2020 4:00 pm EDT | Watch on YouTube

How did Thai cuisine become so popular in the United States and across the world? Join us for this live virtual program to learn how Thailand has used “soft power” to raise awareness of its food and culture and transform the country into a prime culinary tourism destination and a leading exporter of food related products. We will meet the owners and chefs of two of the oldest and top-rated Thai restaurants in the United States. Chef Nongkran Daks from Chantilly, Virginia’s Thai Basil and Chef Chai Siriyan from San Francisco’s Marnee Thai will share their stories, discuss how awareness of Thai cuisine in America has changed in the last 20 years, and prepare a special and personal dish with us, including the iconic Pad Thai and the regional specialty Kang Kai Kole (southern yellow chicken curry).

Episode 2: Cooking Thai Food for New (and Familiar) Audiences

September 21, 2020 3:00 pm EDT | Book Free Virtual Ticket or watch the YouTube live stream

Learn about the history of Thai immigration to the United States and where Thai communities and Thai food destinations have popped up across the country. Some restaurants have appeared in neighborhoods to serve the Thai community – places like Elmhurst, Queens and Los Angeles’ Thai Town – while other restaurants have set up shop where very few Thai people live, taking on the challenge of educating diners about their cuisine. Join us for interviews and a cooking demonstration with Chef Sarintip “Jazz” Singsanong, who cooks spicy Southern Thai cuisine at Jitlada in the heart of LA’s Thai Town, and Chef Dee Buizer, who prepares upscale Thai food for an eager new audience at Senae Thai Bistro in Tucson, Arizona.

Episode 3: Cooking Thai Regional Dishes: North and South

Photo by Clay Williams. © Clay Williams /

September 28, 2020 4:00 pm EDT | Book Free Virtual Ticket

Chefs at Thai restaurants across the United States are inspired by the geography, climate, and ingredients from their native towns and regions, from the cool valleys and mountains of Northern Thailand to the tropical seas of the South. This virtual program will welcome chefs who are originally from both the South and North of Thailand and will explore the similarities and differences between these two regional cuisines. We will be joined by Chef Patty Neusom from Chicago’s renowned restaurant Herb, who will cook a dish that is typical to Southern Thailand where she learned to cook with her mother and grandmother. We’ll also go live to Manhattan’s A Plus Thai Place, where Chefs Sanun Nakapat and Aura Piyada have introduced New Yorkers to Sukothai Noodles, a popular dish from their hometown in Northern Thailand. Meet these three amazing chefs, learn about Thai regional flavors and ingredients, and see them cook some of their favorite dishes.

Header photo by Lawrence Daks and Harold Burns

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