Virtual Walking Tour of DUMBO’s Historic Architecture | Episode 178

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The neighborhood today known as DUMBO was once the center for the agricultural hamlet of Brooklyn, and grew into a center of commerce, shipping, and manufacturing. On this virtual walk, we will look at several eras of the neighborhood’s history reflected in its architecture. From the storage warehouses of the 1860s, to the reinforced concrete industrial buildings of the Gairville complex, to the last remaining tenement building in the neighborhood, we will also examine how these buildings have been repurposed to create one of the most expensive residential and office districts in all of New York City.

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History in a Cup: 200 Years of Coffee in Brooklyn | Episode 116

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Coffee has long been the lifeblood of the Brooklyn economy, once as a leading commodity coming into the port, and today supporting hundreds of small coffee shops and roasters. This virtual program will look at how one Brooklyn company came to dominate the importing and roasting of coffee in the 19th century, share stories of the small roasters that have survived in Brooklyn for generations, and look at the city’s every-changing coffee landscape.

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Brooklyn Roasting Company

Brooklyn Roasting Company Coffee urn and cup of coffee

Brooklyn Roasting Company creates and serves unique, fair trade-certified coffees from across the globe. Inside the Brooklyn Navy Yard, their headquarters, distribution center, and roasting plant produce more than 1 million pounds of coffee annually, and you can them in their network of cafés across Brooklyn and Manhattan. Visit their café in the BLDG 92, or head down the street to their coffee cart in Building 77 or the café at 200 Flushing Ave. And if you are in nearby Dumbo, visit them at 55 Washington St or their flagship store at 25 Jay St, a building formerly occupied by the Arbuckles Coffee Company. You can grab a drink before or after your Brooklyn Navy Yard Tour, or ask about including a coffee tasting or tour of the roasting plant in a private group experience.

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Presidential Visits to the Brooklyn Navy Yard, Part II

Three years ago, in celebration of Presidents Day, we wrote about the handful of times that sitting US presidents had paid visits to the Brooklyn Navy Yard. At that time, we only mentioned two such visits – by William Howard Taft, once as president-elect on November 13, 1908, and as soon-to-be-ousted-president on October 30, 1912, and by Woodrow Wilson,  on May 11, 1914. But we have since done considerably more historical digging, and we would like to share a few more notable presidential visits.>> Continue reading