Reuse and Recycling at the Brooklyn Navy Yard | Virtual Program

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Learn about how different things get reused and recycled by artists and manufacturers at the Brooklyn Navy Yard. We will explore the Yard to find part of old ships that have been turned into functional artwork, see historic buildings that have been repurposed for new uses, and learn about companies that are recycling discarded materials to make new products. Then, we will see what we can find at home that might be thrown away that we can reuse and turn into something new! This video was created with support from the Brooklyn Public Library.

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Inside Industry at the Brooklyn Navy Yard: Women Welders, Past and Present, Mar 8

Celebrate International Women’s Day by exploring the past and present of women’s labor at the Brooklyn Navy Yard. Learn about the history from the early nineteenth century, when women sewed flags and uniforms, to World War II, when women had the opportunity for the first time to work in the shipbuilding professions, as welders, shipfitters, and machinists. As we explore the Yard, we will visit the studios of two female metal artists who have worked in the Yard for a combined 60+ years, and see how Susan Woods and Michelle Greene welding in the Yard today, carrying on the traditions of the “Rosies” that came before them.

Inside Industry: Women Welders, Past and Present at the Brooklyn Navy Yard

icon-calendar  SUN, Mar 8, 2020
icon-clock-o 2 hours
icon-ticket $35 per person
icon-male Walking tour
  BLDG 92, Fort Greene, Brooklyn