Guide to Open House New York 2016

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The inside of a metal fabrication shop, a fork lift drives down the center of the space

Open House New York Weekend is always one of our favorite times of year, when hundreds of sites open their doors to the public on October 15 and 16. We don’t get to see as much as we’d like, however, as we’re almost always working – many of our partner sites are also very active participants in OHNY. This year, both the Brooklyn Navy Yard and Brooklyn Army Terminal will be open, with more to see than ever before. Here’s a quick guide to visiting during OHNY. (more…)

Food Manufacturing Hub Opens at Brooklyn Army Terminal

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IMG_1206 1

Masaki and Yukimi Momose have been making their Japanese-style salad dressings for more than three years, but now, they are finally making it in a space they can call their own. Their company, MOMO Dressing, is the first tenant in the Brooklyn Army Terminal’s Annex, a former administration building for the military complex that is now being reinvented as a center of food manufacturing.

MOMO held their grand opening on August 10 with the New York City Economic Development Corporation, which spent $15 million renovating the 55,000-square-foot building. Also in attendance was another food manufacturer who calls the Terminal home – chocolatier Jacques Torres. (more…)

Wall Street Journal: Brooklyn ‘Annex’ to Bring Back Manufacturing

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Wall Street Journal, January 13, 2016

by Corinne Ramey

During World War II, the Administration Building at the Brooklyn Army Terminal directed a hive of activity. Supply depots and barracks down the East Coast were all controlled by staff in the Sunset Park neighborhood.

“You had literally an army of people managing all the soldiers passing through every supply depot and every camp within a couple hundred miles of New York City,” said Andrew Gustafson, vice president of Turnstile Tours.

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Gothamist: Deep Inside the Brooklyn Army Terminal

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gothamist logo

Gothamist, November 29, 2015

by Laren Evans / Photos by Tod Seelie

The four-million-square-foot Brooklyn Army Terminal has a long and interesting history as a military supply base, but these days, it’s still getting a handle on its new life as a commercial hub.

The federal government sold the terminal to New York City in 1981, and a few years later, a wholesale renovation began. It’s come a long way since then—notable tenants now include such diverse neighbors as the NYPD’s intelligence division, the chocolatier Jacques Torres, the New York City Bioscience initiative center and the Museum of Natural History.

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Isabelle Garbani’s “Post-War Blues” Brightens Brooklyn Army Terminal

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Close-up view of flowers in "Post-War Blues." Photo courtesy Isabelle Garbani.

If you walk the length of the atrium of the Brooklyn Army Terminal’s Building B during this weekend’s Open House New York, you will encounter a remarkable piece of art – Isabelle Garbani’s “Post-War Blues.”

Made up of more than 5,000 hand-crocheted and knitted flowers, the installation cascades from the train car parked on the atrium’s tracks, which once carried freight trains filled with war materiel into the Terminal’s warehouses and onto waiting ships along the Brooklyn waterfront. (more…)

Calling All Architects: Get AIA CES Credits by Joining our Tours

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Turnstile Tours is pleased to announce that we are now a part of the American Institute of Architects Continuing Education System and a certified provider of CES credits to AIA members. By earning this certification, we can now offer architects the opportunity to join our public tours or organize private tours to fulfill their professional development needs.

Our entertaining and engaging tours of the Brooklyn Navy Yard and Brooklyn Army Terminal are a great way to earn credits while also gaining access to sites normally closed to the public. Our knowledgable guides will not only delve into the architectural, engineering, and redevelopment details of these sites, but also bring to life their history and contemporary uses. (more…)

New York Times: Next Phase of Renovation to Begin at a Vast Military Remnant in Brooklyn

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New York Times, January 21, 2015

Building Blocks – David W. Dunlap

“Drive slow — 8 M.P.H.,” the signs say along the South Brooklyn waterfront, between 59th and 63rd Streets.

Nothing exceptional about them, except that they are posted on the sixth floor.

That’s how big the Brooklyn Army Terminal is. Before the 1,000-foot-long floors of its two main buildings were divided in recent decades, the best way to get around them was in a Jeep.

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Curbed New York: At 95, The Repurposed Army Terminal Still Impresses

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Screen Shot 2016-06-03 at 11.17.05 PM

Curbed New York, November 18, 2014

by Evan Bindelglass

Four million square feet of indoor space. Thirty-two elevators. Ninety-five years old. Sunset Park’s Brooklyn Army Terminal is massive, unusual, and wholly unexpected. Originally built in 1919 to transfer copious quantities of manpower and supplies from land to sea and back again, these days parts of the complex have been converted into office space. But its architecture—with arches everywhere and one awesome atrium, designed by Cass Gilbert of Woolworth Building fame—remains a marvel.

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Fleet Week NYC 2014 Calendar of Events

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Celebrate Fleet Week NYC 2014 with these tours, parades, public programs, and other special events around New York City. Don’t forget to check out our special Fleet Week Harbor Tours, as well as our tours at the Brooklyn Navy Yard.

All of Turnstile Tours’ programs for Fleet Week are marked with ➡ .

TUESDAY 5/20  • WEDNESDAY 5/21 • THURSDAY 5/22 • FRIDAY 5/23 • SATURDAY 5/24 • SUNDAY 5/25 • MONDAY 5/26 (more…)

Where Your Presents Came From: The Port of New York & New Jersey

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Container ship passes under the Bayonne Bridge

By now all of us who celebrate Christmas have given and received our gifts.  While we all put a great deal of thought (hopefully) into finding the perfect present for our loved ones, we probably put considerably less into considering how that item arrived under the tree on Christmas morning (Santa-borne gifts excluded, of course).  The last leg of the journey, whether sorted by Amazon, or shipped by UPS or the Postal Service, is certainly a logistical marvel unto itself, but we’re more interested in the first leg – and if any of those gifts or any of their components were made overseas (and even some that were made domestically), there is a 95% chance that they made the better part of their journey to your home by ship. (more…)