Get Your Sandwich On with Lunch Rush Tours!

Sandwiches are quintessential lunchtime eats and next week we and our friends at Midtown Lunch will be celebrating this classic midday meal as part of our month-long series of lunch rush food cart tours in Midtown and the Financial District. Break out of your lunch routine and join us for a one-hour three-course strolling lunch and we’ll have you back at your desk for your afternoon meetings!

Named after the Fourth Earl of Sandwich, who wanted to eat his meat between two pieces of bread so as not to interrupt his card-playing, sandwiches are one of the best ways to eat on the go and a favorite on the street. The tours will be led by Brian Hoffman, veteran food blogger and engaging tour guide, who truly knows and loves street food, the vendor community, and the industry as a whole.

Sneak Previews of featured vendors for this week!

On Monday, August 25th, we will feature three phenomenal sandwich vendors along Park Avenue, including DiSo’s Sandwich Society, carrying on their family’s tradition of serving hearty Italian sandwiches, a food truck business that dates back to 1927 (see photo below). Today their mouthwatering sandwiches feature cheeses straight from Di Palo’s in Little Italy.

Black and white photo depicting a man in a suit and black hat standing in front of a food truck that reads, "Diso's Italian Sandwich Society" and "Imported from Italy"
Courtesy of Diso’s Italian Society Website









On Tuesday, August 26th, we’ll be exploring the best sandwiches of the Financial District, including the Banh Mi Cart, the best place to get Vietnamese sandwiches in the neighborhood!

On Thursday, August 28th, we’ll try the sandwich stylings of Sixth Avenue in Midtown, including El Rey del Sabor (Spanish for “King of Flavor”), El Rey Del Sabor, and their outstanding Mexican creations.

So, what are you waiting for? If you work in Midtown or the Financial District, let’s do this!

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Next week’s Sandwich Days tours will take place from 1-2PM. Monday’s tour will be along Park Avenue in Midtown from the mid-40′s to the low-50′s, Tuesday’s tour will be in the Financial District near Water Street and Maiden Lane, and Thursday’s tour will run along Sixth Avenue in Midtown from the low-40′s to the low-50′s.

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