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Kicking off Lunch Rush Tours with Street Meat!

Eat Street Meat is our mantra this week as we and our friends at Midtown Lunch co-host a special month-long series of lunch rush food cart tours in Midtown and the Financial District. Break out of your lunch routine and join us for a three-course strolling lunch and we’ll have you back at your desk for your afternoon meetings!

This week’s series of one-hour lunch rush street food tours explores street meat, the most popular dish on the streets today from three very different vendors who are putting their own spin on chicken and lamb over rice. You’ll be led by Brian Hoffman, veteran food blogger and engaging tour guide, who truly knows and loves street food, the vendor community, and the industry as a whole.

Sneak Previews of featured vendors for this week!

The tour today, Monday, August 18th, will feature three vendors, including Uncle Gussy’s, a family business inspired by traditional Greek recipes and a 2012 Vendy Award nominee.

Tuesday, August 19th, we’ll be exploring the best of street meat along Sixth Avenue, including Trini-Paki Boys, a family-owned and operated halal cart that’s been serving up chicken and lamb over rice for over 25 years.

This Wednesday, August 20th, we’ll be tasting the mouth-watering offerings of street meat vendors in the Financial District, including Halal Gyro Express, a food cart that serves up traditional Afghani and Middle Eastern cuisine.

So, what are you waiting for? If you work in Midtown or the Financial District, let’s do this!

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This week’s Eat Street Meat tours will take place from 1-2PM. Monday’s tour will be along Park Avenue in Midtown from the mid-40’s to the low-50’s, Tuesday’s tour will run along Sixth Avenue in Midtown from the low-40’s to the low-50’s, and Wednesday’s tour will be in the Financial District near Water Street and Maiden Lane.

Learn more and get tickets here!