Titanic Homecoming: A Quiet Sea Project with Charlie Deroko | Episode 228

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In 1998, a 15-ton, 26-foot-by-12-foot section of Titanic’s hull was salvaged from the wreck. Since its raising, this powerful remnant of that ship of near-mythic status has been on exhibit at the MGM Luxor Casino and Hotel in Las Vegas. Charlie Deroko, marine surveyor and retired waterfront director for the South Street Seaport Museum, joins us to discuss his project “A Quiet Sea,” which seeks to bring this artifact to New York City to symbolically complete Titanic’s maiden voyage.

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Homing Pigeons Return to Brooklyn Navy Yard After 115-Year Absence with “Fly By Night”

After a hiatus of 115 years, a vast squadron of homing pigeons has returned to the Brooklyn Navy Yard.

This weekend marks the opening of Fly By Night, an ambitious performance piece by artist Duke Riley and produced by Creative Time. On the deck of the decommissioned naval vessel Baylander, Riley and his team have erected a pigeon coop and assembled some 1,800 birds. After weeks of training and preparations, performances will begin on May 7 and run for six weeks, every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday night at dusk. Each evening, this flock will be released as the sun begins to set, each bearing an LED light on its foot to create a swirling, winged light show above the East River.>> Continue reading