Turnstile Studio Consulting

Our founding mission is “to advance public knowledge about the meaning of place, foster connections and understanding between people of diverse backgrounds, and inspire and reflect a culture of community participation through providing welcoming, well-researched, inclusive, and engaging educational experiences and resources to people of all ages and abilities.”

Turnstile Studio allows us to extend this mission beyond the programming we currently operate in New York City. We are always looking for partners and clients who share these values, and we seek to share the depth and breadth of our experience and expertise to support cultural sites, community-based institutions, economic development organizations, and other non-profits, in their efforts to more effectively engage the public. 

We provide consulting services to support the capacity-building efforts of organizations to more effectively welcome, engage, and inform the public through placemaking and civic participation projects, public programming and tours, and educational, interpretive, and wayfinding resources.

Thanks to the diverse talents of our team, who combine decades of experience in a range of fields, our core competencies include:

  • Organizational capacity building for public engagement
  • Interpretive and strategic planning
  • Accessibility training and technical assistance
  • Staff training and professional development
  • Research and content creation
  • Public programs and virtual experiences
  • Visitor services and engagement
  • Visitor wayfinding, mapmaking, and place-based interpretation
  • Program development and evaluation

Select Projects and Clients

Below you will find examples of our past projects, which you can sort by category and click for details. Please contact us if you would like more information about our practice at Turnstile Studio.

A woman with long light brown hair who is smiling
Founder & President
Andrew, a man with a beard wearing a baseball cap and a life jacket, with a river and forest behind him.
Vice President
Headshot of Doug, a man with blonde hair, glasses, and a light beard, wearing a suit.
Head of Sustainability Programming
Amanda, a woman wearing a plaid shirt speaking to a group with one hand over her head, and a lighted sign over the street behind her that says "Welcome to Jackson Heights"
Educator and Research Associate
Learning Designer