A collage of industrial features of the Brooklyn Navy Yard, including a crane, salt pile, tugboat in a dry dock, and ropes and rusty machinery

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Vote in the 2017 Brooklyn Navy Yard Photo Contest

Over the course of five years of leading our photography tours of the Brooklyn Navy Yard, we have received well over 500 photographs from 118 photographers submitted to our photo contest. For year five, we need your help to select the best photo of the Yard of 2017. All of these photos were taken across four two-hour explorations we led in partnership with the Brooklyn Navy Yard Center at BLDG 92. This year, we received 121 submissions from 18 different visitors, and our judges volunteered their time to select the 10 you see below.

Now we need your help to pick just one. 

The photograph that receives the most votes will win the People’s Choice Award, and the winning photographer will receive a complimentary two-hour tour of the Brooklyn Navy Yard with Turnstile Tours for up to 30 people.


Click the “Like” button next to your favorite photo. In order to vote, you must have a Facebook account and be logged in, so you may only vote once for each photo. These photographs will also be on display at BLDG 92 starting later this month. If you don’t have a Facebook account, you may also cast a vote by emailing us at info@turnstiletours.com – be sure to include the name of the photographer. Voting will take place until 11:59pm on Sunday, February 25.

Click below to view the Facebook album and see all the photos and photographer credits. Clicking below will not cast a vote, and liking the album will not cast a vote – you must open the Facebook album and like an individual photo.


  • Cortland Rankin
  • Ana Gabriela Ynestrillas Vega
  • Anna Mathers
  • Viviane Topp
  • Linda Schillinger
  • Carole Safton
  • Maja Opacic
  • Jan Lipes
  • Peter Smejkal
  • William Smith-Bowers