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Winter Photo Contest Winners

We’re happy to announce our first batch of winners for our annual Brooklyn Navy Yard photography contest. Participants joined our Seasonal Photography Tour of the Brooklyn Navy Yard on January 30, and you can see the full set of submissions here. Alyssa Fridgen, who spent the past several months working with BLDG 92 as a special curator, volunteered to select the finalists for the year-end contest, and her selections are below.


Inna Penek - 20160131 - Navy Yards Photography Tour with Turnstile Tours (7 of 7)
Photo by Inna Penek

Inna Penek captured one of the many Fire Department vehicles around the Yard, which is home to the FDNY Marine Division. Alyssa said of this photo, “This image of the surrounding urban environment reflected on a moving vehicle does a wonderful job portraying the sense of motion and made me want to hop on to see where it travels. Taken at just the right moment, it captures the dynamic nature of the Navy Yard as a vibrant industrial complex with people, supplies, vehicles, etc… constantly moving in and out of the yard.” You can check out more of Inna’s photos on her Instagram page @toyvespadiaries.

Photo by Chris Cannon

Chris Cannon shot a staple of every photo tour, the 1851 Dry Dock No. 1, at this moment hosting the NOAA vessel Henry B. Bigelow. “His glimpse of a ship hull through a gap in a metal wall that looks as if it was peeled away to reveal the inner workings of the Navy Yard is visually striking on many levels – the technical skill required to capture such crisp detail and depth of field through a plethora of subtle gradations of light and shadows, the choice of black-and-white to draw our eye to the ship, and the composition that frames the ship hull – just to name a few.”

Photo by Julia Weeks

Julia Weeks nails one of the iconic skyline views from the Navy Yard. According to Alyssa, “The composition of this shot puts the Navy Yard into context with the rest of the city – being just across the river from Manhattan, yet also seemingly a world away across layers of fences, bridges, roads, waterways, and buildings. A keen eye was required to spot this perfectly framed view of the Williamsburg Bridge framed on one side by the Empire State Building, and maintain so many layers of urban landscape in the photographing process.” Julia’s work can be found on Instagram at @julialweeks.

Finally, I have my own honorable mention to offer from this season’s submissions. Susan Freeman has been on many of our photography and other tours of the Brooklyn Navy Yard. Her photographs offer a unique perspective on the small, seemingly insignificant details of the Yard’s landscape, and I’ve so enjoyed seeing her photos year after year, like this one of the seemingly endless fleet of semis that are part of the everyday experience at the Yard.

Photos by Susan Freeman
Photo by Susan Freeman

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