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Tour Highlights:
  • 2-hour guided walking tour of this secure industrial complex
  • Step inside the breathtaking atrium, where military cargo trains were once unloaded
  • Enjoy sweeping views of New York Harbor as we discuss the past and present of the working waterfront
  • Hear stories of soldiers, sailors, and longshoremen who passed through the Army Terminal
  • Learn about the 100+ companies that call this city-owned industrial park home today
  • Tour is certified by the American Institute of Architects for continuing education credit (AIA CES)

Step inside an engineering marvel that is today a center of innovation and business development in New York City. Built to supply American forces on the Western Front in World War I, this enormous Cass Gilbert-designed complex served as a supply base for the American military until the Vietnam War. Today, this thriving industrial park is home to over 100 companies in a wide array of industries, from precision manufacturers to biotech researchers, online retailers to chocolatiers.

On this 2-hour walking tour, we will explore how millions of tons of war supplies and personnel were shipped through this teeming transportation hub, hear the stories of soldiers, longshoremen, and merchant mariners who worked these piers, rail yards, and warehouses, and learn how these facilities are put to use today. Looking at the broader context, this tour will discuss what made the Port of New York the envy of the world in the mid-20th century, why it went into decline, and how Brooklyn’s working waterfront is being revitalized today. Along the way, we will enjoy sweeping views of the harbor, visit the 600,000-square-foot unrestored space of Building A, and step inside the Terminal’s architectural gem – the breathtaking atrium of Building B, where freight trains once rumbled through to be loaded from the innovative cantilevered balconies. Join us to explore the sights and stories of a century of work at the Brooklyn Army Terminal!

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General Admission: $22 per person

Seniors (65+): $19.80 per person (10% off)

Children (5-11): $11 per person

Children under 5 are welcome to attend free

Advance ticket purchase is required.

Discounts for veterans: World War II veterans and World War II-era defense workers receive free admission for this tour. Other veterans and and active-duty military personnel receive a 25% discount – just select these ticket types when making your reservation.

2 hours

We ask tour participants to please arrive 10 minutes before the tour start so that we can begin on time.

All tours begin at the Brooklyn Army Terminal, located near the junction of 1st Ave & 58th St in the Sunset Park section of Brooklyn.

Please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page for complete directions and information on public transportation and parking nearby, or consult our transportation map.

Public tours are offered 2 weekend days per month at 11am. Use the calendar below to find our next available tour date.

We will walk approximately one mile over the course of the tour and will be standing for most of the two-hour period, as well as climbing several flights of stairs to access unrestored spaces of the Terminal. For individuals or groups who use wheelchairs or are not able to climb stairs, please contact us or call (347) 903-8687.

Assistive_Listening_Devices_2With at least 24 hours advance notice, FM assistive listening devices with headsets or neck loops can be made available for all public and private tours. Please note in your reservation or contact us at least 24 hours prior to your tour if you or a guest in your party would like to use a receiver. We cannot guarantee that assistive listening devices will be available if the request is made within 24 hours of the tour start time.

access-lowSeveral of our staff members are experienced in verbal description and offering touch tours for visitors who are blind or have low vision. Please notify us in advance either when making your reservation or by contacting us if you would like your public or private tour to be staffed accordingly so that we can ensure a fully-inclusive experience.

Please contact us via email at or call us at (347) 903-8687 for more information.

Please contact us for more details on booking a private tour of the Brooklyn Army Terminal or visit our Group Tours page. Private tours can be scheduled most days of the week, subject to availability.

American Institute of Architects Continuing Education Credits (2 LU) are available for participation in this tour, and Turnstile Tours is an AIA CES Registered Provider. Consult the AIA Course Directory for a full description. The learning objectives are as follows:

1. Explain the role of architectural design in intermodal transportation and harbor operations by viewing historical rail and marine cargo handling facilities.

2. Describe how the innovative use of concrete technology facilitated rapid construction of this wartime project by observing unique concrete building forms and features.

3. Compare the Brooklyn Army Terminal with other buildings from throughout renowned architect Cass Gilbert’s career and understand his impact on industrial building design and construction.

4. Illustrate the ongoing adaptive reuse of this historic complex as a modern industrial park housing a wide diversity of tenants by viewing both renovated and unrenovated spaces.

Reserving tickets indicates your consent to Turnstile Tours’ below terms and conditions and the liability waiver and release included below.

Terms and Conditions:

The Customer understands and agrees that the tour proceeds rain or shine and that the tour will not be cancelled or rescheduled due to inclement weather unless such weather constitutes a dangerous situation for attendees, in which case the tour will be rescheduled to another date as agreed upon by Turnstile Tours and the Customer.  In the event that a tour must be cancelled by Turnstile Tours, the Customer will be contacted by Turnstile Tours and offered the option to reschedule, receive a gift certificate for equivalent value, or a refund in-full.

Tour reservations are only valid for the date and time for which they are purchased or reserved. Once purchased, tour reservations may not be used or exchanged for any other date or time.  During purchase, the Customer must review the reservation information carefully to ensure that all booking details are correct and that there are no errors.

Because Turnstile Tours limits the number of participants on tours in order to provide a high-quality experience, Turnstile Tours will not reschedule or refund tickets that are cancelled by Customers within 72 hours of the tour start time. If a Customer cancels prior to 72 hours (3 days) before the tour, there will be a service charge of $10 per attendee. If the Customer experiences a personal emergency that prevents him/her from attending, please call Turnstile Tours at (347) 903-8687 or send an email to

Release for Limited Access to tour the Brooklyn Army Terminal




WHEREAS, the following individuals joining this tour agree to this Release for Limited Access to Tour Portions of Brooklyn Army Terminal (individually referred to as the “Releasor” and collectively as the “Releasors”) have requested short term, temporary, non-exclusive access to certain portions of the Brooklyn Army Terminal Industrial Park (“BAT”),as designated by the employees and agents of Turnstile Tours, Inc. (“Turnstile Tours”) and of New York City Economic Development Corporation (“NYCEDC”), in Brooklyn, New York, designated on the Tax Map of the City of New York, Kings County, as Block 5778, Lot 1 and Block 5806, Lots 88 and 97 (referred to herein as the “Brooklyn Army Terminal”) for the sole purpose of participating in a tour operated by Turnstile Tours, in order to observe the Brooklyn Army Terminal as a functioning commercial/industrial complex that houses an array of businesses and industries (referred to as the “BAT Turnstile Tours”) on the date set forth next to your signature below.

In consideration of the permission to enter, access and tour portions of Brooklyn Army Terminal during the Tour Period for the limited purpose of participating in the BAT Turnstile Tours:

I, as one of the undersigned Releasors and participants in the BAT Turnstile Tours:

(i) do hereby assume and accept all risk and liability for losses, damages, expenses, personal and bodily injuries (including death), which may be suffered or sustained while on or at the Brooklyn Army Terminal; and

(ii) do hereby release and forever hold harmless New York City Economic Development Corporation and the City of New York, the Apple Industrial Development Corp. and Turnstile Tours, Inc., and their agents and employees, from any and all liability of whatsoever kind or nature, by reason of bodily injury (including death) to myself and/ or damage to my property arising from the entrance, access, presence, touring, participating in the BAT Turnstile Tours and any other conduct or activity upon the Brooklyn Army Terminal; and

(iii) to the fullest extent permitted by law, do hereby agree to indemnify and forever hold harmless the New York City Economic Development Corporation and the City of New York, the Apple Industrial Development Corp. and Turnstile Tours, Inc., and their agents and employees, from and against any and all liability, actions, judgments, claims, costs, expenses, and/or damages(including, without limitation, attorneys’ and other professional fees and expenses) of whatsoever kind or nature, by reason of personal or bodily injuries (including death) or by reason of property damage to another’s property, which New York City Economic Development Corporation, the City of New York, and/or the Apple Industrial Development Corp., and/or Turnstile Tours, Inc., or their agents or employees maybe subject or incur because of or arising from the entrance, access, presence, touring, participation in the BAT Turnstile Tours and/or any other conduct or activities upon the Brooklyn Army Terminal by myself, as one of the Releasors, or any of the other Releasors; notwithstanding that any of the same may be due to the acts, omissions or negligence of New York City Economic Development Corporation, the City of New York, and/or the Apple Industrial Development Corp., and/or Turnstile Tours, Inc., or their agents or employees City, or due to the condition of the subject Brooklyn Army Terminal or any structure located therein or thereon, or for any other reason.

As a Releasor, I accept that the condition of the Brooklyn Army Terminal is “as is” condition and that the Brooklyn Army Terminal is part of an operational commercial and industrial park and further I understand and acknowledge that portions of the Brooklyn Army Terminal may be uneven, slippery, unpaved, unimproved, dilapidated or otherwise hazardous conditions and that some portions of the unimproved areas are not intended for the activity of a tour, and that conditions of some portions of the Brooklyn Army Terminal may be extremely hazardous to both persons and property (including, but not limited to, due to vehicular traffic and industrial and commercial truck traffic, cracked asphalt and concrete, and un-even surfaces and other tripping hazards).

As a Releasor, I agree that my entering, access, presence, touring, participation and any other activities and conduct upon, in and at the Brooklyn Army Terminal shall be limited to the purpose of participating in the BAT Turnstile Tours during the Tour Period date and time set forth above and that I shall comply with all Federal, State of New York and City of New York laws, rules, and regulations as well as comply with all the suggestions and directives of the employees and agents of Turnstile Tours, Inc., New York City Economic Development Corporation, the City of New York, and/or the Apple Industrial Development Corp., including, but not limited to restriction of the access to portions of the Brooklyn Army Terminal, as applicable. I further understand that photographs taken on this tour may only be used for non-commercial or personal purposes. Using photographs for commercial purposes without acquiring permission from the New York City Economic Development Corporation is strictly prohibited.

The provisions of this release shall bind me and my executors, heirs and distributees and shall apply to each and every occasion upon which I enter, access, be present on, touring the Brooklyn Army Terminal in connection with any BAT Turnstile Tours.

By purchasing the ticket(s), I affirm that I have fully understood and agree to these Terms and Conditions, Waiver and Release of Liability.

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