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Virtual Inside Industry at the Brooklyn Navy Yard for Open House New York | Episode 249

The Brooklyn Navy Yard is the hub for Open House New York Weekend, with food trucks, pop-up eateries, outdoor activations, and tours. We will be hosting a series of virtual tours on the Brooklyn Navy Yard’s Instagram Live @bklynnavyyard starting at 12pm with a tour of the food trucks that will be setting up shop at Building 77 all weekend. Then we’re going into the studio with artist Charlotta Westergren, and we’ll finish off the day with a tour of whiskey production at the Kings County Distillery.

Watch on the Brooklyn Navy Yard’s Instagram IGTV.

Food Truck Virtual Tour

with Chop Shop Food Truck (@chopshoptruck), Divine Flavored Catering/DF Nigerian (@divineflavoredcatering), BK Jerk Mobile(@bkjerkmobile), La Rossi Pizza (@larossipizza), and Empanada Papa (@empanadapapanyc)

In the Studio with Charlotta Westergren

Kings County Distillery Virtual Tour

Program Partners