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Brooklyn Navy Yard Summer Photography Submissions

The forecast called for rain on July 18, and more than half of the participants in the tour decided that they would rather take a photography tour of the Navy Yard on another day. Luckily, by 11:05 or so, the weather broke, and those left standing had a spectacular tableau of clouds and rain puddles on which to capture the Yard.

Stay tuned for our three summer finalists, selected by BLDG 92 Visiting Artist Robin Michals, and thank you to all the photographers who submitted. Check out the submissions and finalists from our spring installment, and join the next tour – Saturday, October 10.

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Turnstile Tours offers the Seasonal Photography Tour of the Brooklyn Navy Yard four times throughout the year. The final tour of the 2015 season will be Saturday, October 10 at 11am. Get tickets & information here, and advance ticket purchase is highly recommended. We also offer our Past, Present & Future Tour of the Brooklyn Navy Yard every weekend at 2pm, and other special themed tours of The Yard. All tours are offered in partnership with and begin at the Brooklyn Navy Yard Center at BLDG 92, which offers free admission to three floors of exhibitions on the Yard’s past and present and a host of great special events and programs.