Frequently Asked Questions

Please consult the answers below if you have any questions about our company, our tours, the places we visit, or anything else you might be wondering about. If you can’t find the answer you are looking for here, do not hesitate to contact us.

Virtual Programs & Membership

▶ When are the virtual programs?

Virtual programs are offered several times per week at varying times. Check our Virtual Programs page or our Calendar for an up-to-date listing of all upcoming programs. Each program lasts 45–60 minutes.

▶ How do I join the virtual programs?

You can sign up for them on the Virtual Programs page. Some programs are paid ($5), and we offer at least one free program per week. When you sign up, you will receive a link and password to join the session over Zoom. You can also join programs by becoming a Turnstile member.

▶ Do I need the download the Zoom app or have a Zoom account to join a session?

Nope! You can join from any compatible browser on your computer. After you click the URL to join, it sometimes takes a moment before a link pops up that says “Join from your browser.” If you’d like to join from your mobile device, you will have to download the iOS or Android app before joining. You will be asked to enter your name and email address to join the session, but you do not need to create a Zoom account to join.

▶ Are the virtual sessions accessible?

We offer live closed captioning for all of our sessions, and our guides are trained in verbal description to accommodate participants with visual impairments. At the beginning of each program, we provide instructions for how to utilized closed captioning.

▶ Are the sessions interactive?

Yes! We encourage participants to ask questions in the Zoom chat, and we try our best to get to all of them during the session. We also have a producer behind the scenes who helps answer questions and share resources in the chat. We host many sessions that involve art making and other crafts, and they’re great for participants of all ages.

▶ I missed a session! Can I watch a recording of it?

We post the free virtual sessions on Turnstile Tours’ YouTube channel. For the paid sessions, the archive is available only to our members.

▶ What is Turnstile membership?

We offer a monthly membership that gives access to our virtual programs, as well as other perks. We have three tiers of membership for $5, $10, and $20 per month – visit our membership page for complete details.

▶ I just signed up for a membership. Now what?

Thank you! You should have received a receipt for your credit card purchase and a welcome email with details about your membership. To access your benefits, you need to log in to our membership portal. Depending on which membership you signed up for, you will be billed monthly or every six months.

▶ I forgot or never received my password. How do I sign in?

Just visit the Member Login page and click “Forgot Password,” and a password reset link will be sent to your email.

▶ How do I use my membership to access live virtual programs?

This depends on your membership level. For Apprentice and Steward-level members, you have to sign up for each individual program through our ticketing system. Visit the member portal, and you will find links to all of the upcoming programs. Click on the programs you want to sign up for, and select “Turnstile Member.” You will then be prompted to enter a code; enter your Member ID from your member profile, and this will make the price of the program $0. Enter your name, phone number, and email, and you will receive a confirmation email with details for signing into the Zoom session. Please keep in mind that Apprentice and Steward members are limited in the number of paid programs they can join per month.

If you are a Quartermaster member, your member profile includes direct access to Zoom for all upcoming programs, so there is no need to sign up in advance. If you would like to create a reminder for yourself, click “Add reminder to your personal calendar,” and you can add the event to your electronic calendar. Some programs may require a password to join, which you can access by clicking “View description, Webinar ID, password.”

▶ How do I cancel my membership?

It’s easy! Log in to our member portal, and scroll down to where it says “Subscriptions.” Just click “Cancel,” and your recurring payment will for the next billing will be canceled. If you would like to change your payment information, just click “Update.”

▶ Why does it say my membership is expiring?

The “Subscriptions” tab will only reflect what you have already paid for, so if you have a monthly subscription, the expiration date reflects your next billing date. If you continue your membership automatic payments, this expiration date will update to the following month once your automatic payment is complete.

▶ Can I change my membership?

Yes, and you can do it right from our member portal. If you would like to change your membership level, log in to your member profile and scroll down to “Subscriptions.” You must first cancel your existing subscription; this will not delete or cancel your member profile, just your access to member benefits. Then, visit our member signup page and select the new membership you would like to get. Enter your payment information, and the new membership will be tied your existing member profile. Your new membership and the corresponding benefits will appear in your My Membership page.

General Tour Questions

Brooklyn Navy Yard Tours

Brooklyn Army Terminal Tours

Food Cart Tours

Public Market Tours

Prospect Park Tours


General Tour Questions

Where do the tours take place?

  • Brooklyn Navy Yard Tours: Brooklyn Navy Yard Center at BLDG 92, located at the corner of Flushing Avenue and Carlton Avenue, Brooklyn
  • Brooklyn Army Terminal Tours: 140 58th St, Building A lobby, near the entrance at 1st Ave, Brooklyn
  • Food Cart Tour of Midtown: Bank of America Tower, west side of 6th Avenue between 42nd Street and 43rd Street
  • Food Cart Tour of the Financial District: Outside the public atrium at 60 Wall Street, Manhattan
  • Essex Market Tour: 88 Essex Street, north entrance near Delancey Street, Manhattan
  • Immigrant Foodways Tour: Princesa Bakery, 94 Graham Avenue, Brooklyn
  • Prospect Park Tours: Brooklyn Public Library, 10 Grand Army Plaza, Brooklyn OR Lincoln Road Playground, near the junction of Lincoln Rd and Ocean Ave.
  • Wafels & Dinges Factory Tour: 294 Butler Street, Brooklyn
  • Brooklyn Historical Society DUMBO Tour: 55 Water St, 2nd Floor, Brooklyn

Use the map below to find the meeting location and nearby public transit for all of our tours:

Do I need to make a reservation for a tour in advance?

Yes. Most of our tours require us to make arrangements with the businesses, vendors, and other partners we work with, so we require reservations be made in advance. As we limit the number of participants on our tours to ensure an interactive and engaging experience, tickets often sell out. It is possible to purchase tickets same-day tickets for our Brooklyn Navy Yard Tours at the Brooklyn Navy Yard Center visitor services desk, but there is limited space available. We cannot accommodate walk-ups on any of our other tours.

▶ Why is there a ticketing fee for tickets I purchase online?

We charge a small convenience fee of 6% for making a reservation online. We do not charge this fee for purchasing tickets for free events, so you will not have to enter any credit card information when booking a free tour, and we do not charge this convenience fee for purchases made over the phone (you can reach us at 347-903-8687 to book) or in person at the Brooklyn Navy Yard Center at BLDG 92.

▶ What do I do if a tour is sold out?

We do limit the size of our tours in order provide an engaging and interactive experience, and they frequently sell out. If our online reservation system shows a tour as sold out on the day that you would like to come, please contact us via our Contact page, and we will do our best to accommodate you.

▶ What is your cancellation policy?

Because we limit the number of participants on our tours and must make advance arrangements with many of the businesses and partners we work with, we cannot reschedule or refund tickets that are canceled within 24 hours of the tour start time. If you cancel more than 24 hours before the tour, we can offer you a credit to reschedule for a future tour, or there will be a service charge of $10 per attendee for refunded tickets. We understand that life happens, so if you have to cancel or reschedule due to an emergency, please contact us, and we will do our best to accommodate you.

▶ What do I need to bring the day of the tour?

The day before your tour, you will receive a reminder e-mail with detailed instructions on transportation, policies, and contact information. Here’s a check-list of things you should bring with you:

  • Proof of your reservation – you can show the confirmation on your smartphone, or tell your guide your last name and reservation code that you received when booking. You do not need to bring a printed copy of your ticket.
  • Comfortable footwear and weather-appropriate attire (including an umbrella or sunblock)
  • Camera
  • If you’re on a Food Cart or Public Market Tour, an empty stomach!

▶ What if the weather is bad the day of the tour?

All of our tours operate rain, shine, or snow, so please dress appropriately. Our guides do their best to make sure everyone stays comfortable without compromising the integrity of the tour or the safety of our participants. If the weather or other circumstances should make the tour unsafe, we will contact the participants directly to reschedule. If you have weather-related concerns, please contact us.

▶ What do I do if I get lost or am running late for my tour?

Not to worry! If you’re lost or running late the day of your tour, please call us at 347-903-8687, and we can help you find your way or connect you with your guide on a tour already in progress. We send an e-mail one day prior to your tour with detailed directions and other logistical information, which includes contact information for both the office and your guide. We recommend bringing this information with you the day of your tour.

▶ Are bathrooms available on the tours?

Our tours begin promptly at the stated start time, so please be sure to leave additional time before the start time of your tour if you plan on using the restroom.

  • Brooklyn Navy Yard Tours: All tours begin at the Brooklyn Navy Yard Center at BLDG 92, which has restrooms that you can use before and after your tour. Once we are inside the Yard on a bus or bicycle tour, there will be no restrooms available for the duration of the tour.
  • Brooklyn Army Terminal: There are available bathrooms located throughout the facility, including at the tour meeting location.
  • Food Cart Tours: We strongly recommend that you use the restroom before coming on the tour, as it is often very challenging to find public restrooms in Manhattan once the tour has begun. On our Midtown tour, there are restrooms available in Bryant Park on 42nd St, and they are some of the nicest, cleanest restrooms in New York City. In the Financial District, there is a restroom at the tour meeting location inside the public atrium at 60 Wall Street.
  • Public Market Tours: There is a public restroom in the Essex Market, and many of the stops on the Immigrant Foodways Tour have restroom facilities that you can access throughout the tour.
  • Prospect Park Tours: There are comfort stations throughout Prospect Park. Please consult the Park map for locations.

▶ Are the tours accessible to people with disabilities or other special needs?

We strive to make our tours accessible to people of all ages and abilities. If you have questions about accessibility or require any specific accommodations, please let us know prior to your tour by either noting it in your online reservation or by contacting us.

We offer Assistive Listening Devices, including hearing aid neck loops, for participants who have hearing impairments – please just let us know in advance if you would like to utilize this accommodation.

  • Brooklyn Navy Yard Tours: If you have an accessible parking tag, you may park your vehicle inside the Yard – just let us know in advance, and we will provide you with special instructions for finding the accessible parking spaces. The Visitor and Exhibition Center is equipped with wheelchair lifts at the front and rear entrances and accessible restrooms, and our tour bus is also equipped with a wheelchair lift. As a courtesy, we can provide a wheelchair upon request to visitors who have difficulty standing or walking.
  • Food Cart and Public Market Tours: These experiences are fully accessible to people in wheelchairs.
  • Brooklyn Army Terminal Tours: This tour does involve climbing some stairs, but we can make adaptations to the tour to accommodate anyone who cannot or would prefer not to climb stairs.
  • Prospect Park Tours: On these tours, we do travel over uneven ground, including on grass, as well as climbing stairs and some steep inclines. If you do use a wheelchair or have any other mobility impairment, please contact us, and we will do our best to accommodate you with an alternate route.
  • Brooklyn Historical Society DUMBO Tours: These experiences are fully accessible to people in wheelchairs. When arriving at BHS DUMBO, we recommend that people that use wheelchairs or walkers enter the building from the north side via Brooklyn Bridge Park to avoid the staircase at the Water St entrance.

As we offer a wide range of different types of tours at various sites, please visit our accessibility page or view the accessibility tab on each tour page for more information.

▶ Can I take photographs on the tours?

You are welcome to take all of the photographs you like on our tours, and we encourage you to share them with us on TwitterFacebook, and Instagram. As our tours are offered in partnership with other organizations and businesses, we would like to make you aware are the following restrictions on photography:

The Brooklyn Navy Yard is a secure industrial site, and the tenants there pay a premium for the security the yard provides. We feel very privileged to be able to offer these tours of the site, so we ask that you respect a few simple rules. Some tenants have asked that we refrain from photographing their buildings and space; these include Brooklyn Cogeneration, the Navy Yard’s power plant, and Steiner Studios – on the tour, your guide will point out these areas and remind you of these restrictions. We also ask that photographers respect the privacy of the businesses on the Navy Yard and not take photographs of the inside of occupied buildings.

Photographs taken on Brooklyn Navy Yard tours cannot be used for any commercial purposes – if you are interested in commercial photography at the Brooklyn Navy Yard, you can contact the Brooklyn Navy Yard Development Corporation directly to make arrangements. If you are really interested in taking pictures at the Brooklyn Navy Yard, we recommend signing up for our Seasonal Photography Tours, which offer unique opportunities to photograph sites around the Yard.

Similarly, photographs taken at the Brooklyn Army Terminal cannot be used for commercial purposes without expression permission from the New York City Economic Development Corporation – you can contact them for more information.

Finally, our guides are very photogenic, and we love to see any pictures you snap of them in action, but we ask that you not make video or audio recordings of our guides during the tour. And as a general rule of good photography etiquette, if you’re taking a picture of people you don’t know, please first ask for their permission.

▶ Do you offer any discounts?

Turnstile Tours frequently offers special promotions and discounts, which we advertise through our newsletter, Facebook, and Twitter, so please follow us to stay in the loop about these opportunities. For our Brooklyn Navy Yard Tours, we offer 10% discounts to members of the following museums. Please contact their membership departments directly in order to receive the appropriate discount code:

All persons ages 65 and older are entitled to a 10% discount, and kids ages 5-12 receive 50% off tickets. Kids ages 4 and under can attend free, but we ask that you please select a complimentary ticket for them as well so that we can have an accurate head count. To reserve these discounted tickets, simply select the corresponding ticket type when completing your purchase online.

25% discounts are available to military veterans and active-duty service members for our Brooklyn Navy Yard and Brooklyn Army Terminal tours – please contact us to book tickets with a veteran discount. World War II-era veterans and defense workers are invited to come free of charge on all of our Brooklyn Navy Yard and Brooklyn Army Terminal tours – just select this ticket type when making your reservation.

We offer discounts on group tour reservations for non-profit and educational groups – visit our Group Tours page for more information or contact us.

▶ Can I organize a private tour?

We love hosting private groups on all of our tours! Please visit our Group Tours page for more information. We also offer experiences tailored for students grades K-12 – visit our School and Youth Groups page – and we have discounted pricing for educational groups. We have a great deal of experience hosting academic and professional groups, including undergraduate and graduate classes across a range of disciplines, corporate outings, professional development experiences, and government and trade delegations.

Brooklyn Navy Yard Tours

▶ Where do the tours start?

screen-shot-2016-10-24-at-2-30-01-pmAll public tours begin and end at the Brooklyn Navy Yard Center at BLDG 92, located at the corner of Flushing Ave and Carlton Ave in the Fort Greene section of Brooklyn. Click the map on the left for Google Maps directions or view our neighborhood map.

  • Subway: The nearest subway stations to BLDG 92 are at York St (F), High St-Brooklyn Bridge (A,C), and Clinton-Washington Av (G), and each is about a 15-minute walk from BLDG 92. View our map for walking directions from each of these stations, and visit for maps and service alerts.
  • Ferry: NYC Ferry provides service directly to the Brooklyn Navy Yard on the Astoria Route, with a non-stop connection from Wall St-Pier 11 of East 34th St. When you disembark, follow signs to Building 77. Exit the building at Flushing Ave and turn right, and BLDG 92 will be two blocks down on your right. Ferry rides are $2.75, and they do not accept MetroCards. View our map for directions.
  • Bus: The B57 and B69 travel along Flushing Ave and stop one block from BLDG 92. You may also take the B62, which stops on Park Ave, one block south of the Brooklyn Navy Yard. If traveling by bus, be sure to allow plenty of extra time for your trip, as weekend schedules can be unreliable (visit for maps and service alerts). Do not take the B67, as this will take your through the Yard, but you will not be able to get off inside the Yard, and it will drop you far from BLDG 92.
  • Driving: The Brooklyn Navy Yard is easily accessible from the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway (I-278), either via the exits for Tillary St (exit 29B), Flushing Ave (exit 30 eastbound), or Wythe Ave/Kent Ave (exit 31 westbound).
  • Parking: On the weekends, it is usually not difficult to find street parking in the immediate vicinity of the Yard. There is also a free public parking lot one block south of the yard on Park Ave, underneath the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway. Parking within the gates of the Brooklyn Navy Yard is only available for drivers with an accessible parking sticker – please contact us for directions to the accessible parking.
  • Bicycle: There is a bicycle lane along Flushing Ave, and BLDG 92 offers plenty of racks to park your bike. If you would like to use a CitiBike, there is a station immediately across the street on Flushing Ave, and stations in close proximity to the York St, High St-Brooklyn Bridge, and Clinton-Washington subway stations.
    • If using a GPS or mobile app to reach BLDG 92, enter “Flushing Ave & Carlton Ave, Brooklyn” or “1 Carlton Ave.” Do not enter “63 Flushing Ave” or “Brooklyn Navy Yard” – this is the address for the entire 300-acre Navy Yard, and it will not bring you to the correct location.
    • The Brooklyn Navy Yard is a secure industrial park. Do not attempt to enter the Yard through any entrances other than BLDG 92, as you will be turned away.

▶ What tours do you offer of the Brooklyn Navy Yard?

We currently offer several different theme-based tours of the Brooklyn Navy Yard by bus, bicycle, and walking. Each of these tours visits different sites and explores different content and themes, so we encourage you to visit the Yard with us more than once. Please visit our tour calendar for a complete schedule, and all of these tours can be offered for private groups – please visit our Group Tours page or contact us for more information. We do get off the bus and walk around multiple sites around the Yard on all of our bus tours.

This is our current offering of tours at the Brooklyn Navy Yard and our schedule of public tours. Please click the links below for information about each tour:

▶ What is going on at the Brooklyn Navy Yard?

From 1801 to 1966, the Brooklyn Navy Yard was a federally-owned naval shipbuilding and repair facility. After it was decommissioned by the US Navy, it was sold to the City of New York, and it has operated as an industrial park ever since. Today, the Yard is owned by New York City and operated by the non-profit Brooklyn Navy Yard Development Corporation. It is home to more than 330 companies in a variety of industries that employ 7,000+ people, and it has become a major center of manufacturing, technology, and craft. There is no longer any shipbuilding at the Yard, but there is a thriving commercial ship repair operation, and most of the cranes you see towering over the yard are in fact operational and frequently in use.

▶ Why is there security at the Brooklyn Navy Yard?

Though it is no longer a shipbuilding facility of the US Navy, the Yard remains a secure industrial site, and only tenants and their visitors are permitted to enter through the security gates. The 24-hour security that the Brooklyn Navy Yard provides is very important for tenant businesses, many of whom have highly valuable equipment, facilities, and inventory. If you are not a tenant or their guest, the only way to enter the yard is on a guided tour or for a special event.

▶ What is BLDG 92?

The Brooklyn Navy Yard Center at BLDG 92 is the visitor and exhibition center of the Yard, which opened on Veterans Day 2011. Originally built as the Marine Commandants Residence in 1857, today it houses the exhibition “The Brooklyn Navy Yard: Past, Present, and Future,” which is three floors of interactive exhibits about the rich shipbuilding history and the exciting success of the Yard today as a sustainable industrial park. BLDG 92 offers a variety of public programs and events, and its LEED Platinum-certified addition is home to the Brooklyn Navy Yard Employment Center and Construction Kids. All of our Brooklyn Navy Yard tours are offered in partnership with BLDG 92.

The BLDG 92 exhibits are open Wednesday–Sunday, 12–6pm, and admission is free. Please consider becoming a member to keep the exhibitions free to the public and support BLDG 92’s mission to “reinforce the Yard’s unique bonds with the community and inspire future generations to become industrial innovators and entrepreneurs.”

▶ Are these tours good for kids?

 We encourage people of all ages to visit the Brooklyn Navy Yard, but any activity that lasts two hours can be a bit much for some kids. We have special visual bingo boards of trivia and sites around the Yard that kids (and adults) can play on any of our tours. We also offer our Yard Inspectors Family Tour, a one-hour experience inside the Yard where kids get to check out an historic working dry dock, learn about the working waterfront, and see some of the ships that frequent the Wallabout Bay. Yard Inspectors is designed for kids ages 6–12 and their parents or guardians, but we can adapt it to audiences of almost any age. This tour is offered on select weekends (check our tour calendar) and for private groups.

Tickets for children ages 5-12 are half price, and children under 5 are welcome to join the tour for free, though they may be asked to sit on a parent/guardian’s lap. If you’re joining a bicycle tour, all attendees must have their own safety helmet and bicycle, or they must be secured in a seat with proper restraints.

▶ I want to take a bicycle tour – do I need to bring my own bike?

All participants must provide their own bicycle. Make sure to set up your rental in advance.

  • CitiBike: Bike share stations are located nearby the Brooklyn Navy Yard. Turnstile Tours cannot guarantee the availability of these bikes, though there are generally more available on weekends. All participants are strongly urged to wear their own safety helmet when on a Turnstile bicycle tour. Additional fees may be incurred for using a bike for an extended period, and Turnstile Tours cannot be held responsible for these fees. Please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page and the Citibike pricing page for more information.
  • Ride Brooklyn Bike Shop (468 Bergen St, Park Slope)
  • Bike and Roll (81 Allen St, Chinatown)
  • Blazing Saddles (South Street Seaport, Lower Manhattan)

▶ Can I use a Citi Bike on a bicycle tour?

Yes! But you should be aware of a few things:

  • Check the station map before arriving. There are several Citi Bike stations located nearby the Brooklyn Navy Yard, but we cannot guarantee the availability of bikes or free docking spaces.
  • There may be additional charges. Citi Bike was designed to be used for short trips, so annual Citi Bike subscribers can use the bikes for 45 minutes at a time with no additional charge, while daily or weekly pass holders are limited to 30-minute rides. Additional charges can add up (check the Citi Bike pricing page for more details), and we cannot guarantee that you will be able to swap out your bike at a kiosk partway through the tour. Because the first hour of our Urban Ecology Tour at the Brooklyn Navy Yard is on foot, you will only need to use a Citi Bike for one hour, so the fees will likely be less. Participants on all other Bicycle Tours will need a bicycle for the full two hours.
  • If you’re not already a Citi Bike member, please arrive early and have you day passes ready before the tour starts. Turnstile Tours staff members will not be available before the tour to help you with the Citi Bike kiosks, so plan on arriving early if you are unfamiliar with the system.
  • Turnstile Tours cannot be held responsible for the availability of Citi Bikes, of docking stations to return your bicycle, nor for any additional fees that riders incur.
  • We strongly recommend that you wear a safety helmet while on the tour, which Citi Bike does not provide.

▶ Is there anywhere to eat near the Brooklyn Navy Yard?

BLDG  92 is now home to a location of the Brooklyn Roasting Company, which offers coffee, sandwiches, salads, beer, and wine. The cafe is open seven days a week, and it is open before all of our public tours of the Yard.

Just two blocks south of the Navy Yard is Myrtle Ave, which offers a wide selection of restaurants, bars, and cafés – the Myrtle Avenue Partnership has a listing of area restaurants on their website.

▶ The tour was amazing! What else can I do at the Brooklyn Navy Yard?

Thanks! You can come back for another tour, or check out the other amazing programming available through BLDG 92. The Brooklyn Navy Yard is so large and filled with so many stories that we are able to offer several different theme-based tours that each provide unique content and site visits. BLDG 92 hosts events and public programs throughout the year – become a member or sign up for their monthly newsletter to stay in the loop. Kings County Distillery offers regular tours of its facility at the Yard, which is accessible through the Sands Street gate. Brooklyn Navy Yard-based artists often open their studios to the public during open studios events, such as Open House New York.

Brooklyn Army Terminal Tours

▶ Where do the tours start?


BAT Building A meeting locaionThis tour begins at the Brooklyn Army Terminal Building A, located at the junction of 1st Ave and 58th St in the Sunset Park section of Brooklyn. Enter through the security gate at 1st Ave, and the tours will meet in the lobby of Building A, which is the building on the right (closer to the water). The exact street address for your GPS is 140 58th St, Brooklyn, NY 11220. Please note that you may only enter the Brooklyn Army Terminal through the gate located on 1st Ave, not at 2nd Ave or 63rd St. Use this Google Map to find the tour meeting location.


The nearest station is 59 St (N,R), located about a 10-minute walk from the 58th St entrance. Please note that these trains run on a more limited schedule on Saturdays and Sundays, so allow for additional travel time.

After exiting the station, walk in the direction of traffic along 59th St for two blocks until you reach 2nd Ave, then take a right onto 2nd Ave. After one block, turn left onto 58th St and continue walking straight until you reach the junction of 1st Avenue. The main gate of the Terminal will be on your left. When you enter the gate, you will be facing two large buildings – Building A is the one on the right.


NYC Ferry serves the Brooklyn Army Terminal. The Rockaway and South Brooklyn routes connect BAT to Pier 11/Wall St. Please visit their website for complete schedules. To reach the tour meeting location, just walk up the hill and turn right at the top of the hill to reach the meeting location.


The B11 bus stops directly in front of the Brooklyn Army Terminal on 58th St and 1st Ave. The B11 runs from Flatbush (Brooklyn College) to the Army Terminal along 49th St.


The street address for the Brooklyn Army Terminal is 140 58th St, Brooklyn, NY, 11220. If using a GPS or online mapping service, please verify that it locates this address correctly along the south Brooklyn waterfront, as some web-based mapping services have incorrectly placed this address in north Brooklyn.

  • Driving directions from I-278W (and I-495, East River bridges, Battery Tunnel, Prospect Expressway): Take exit 23 for 39th St. At the end of the off-ramp, take a left onto 2nd Ave. Drive on 2nd Ave until you reach 58th St. Turn right onto 58th St and continue straight. The main gate will be on your left.
  • From I-278E (Verrazano Bridge): Take exit 21 for 3rd Ave. Continue straight on 3rd Ave until you reach 58th St.  Take a left on 58th St and continue straight. The main gate will be on your left.
  • From the Belt Parkway W: Take exit 1 towards 65 St/67 St. Stay left and follow signs for Ridge Boulevard. Turn left onto Ridge Boulevard.  Ridge Boulevard becomes 2nd Ave. Take 2nd Ave to 58th St and take a left, continue straight on 58th St. The main gate will be on your left.
  • Free parking is available for tour participants inside the gates of the Brooklyn Army Terminal. When you arrive, the security staff will direct you where to park. You may also park on Pier 4, which is outside of the security gates of BAT, and this parking lot operates 5am to 10pm Monday-Friday, and 10am to 6pm Saturday-Sunday.


Bicycle parking is available inside the gates of the Brooklyn Army Terminal near the entrance to Building A. Sunset Park and the Brooklyn Army Terminal are served by the Citi Bike bike share system.

▶ Is that the giant warehouse I can see from the highway? What’s going on there?

The Brooklyn Army Terminal was constructed in 1918-19 to supply American forces fighting in Europe during World War I, and it served as a major military supply depot until its decommissioning in 1966. Since 1981, the Army Terminal has been owned by the City of New York, and it is operated by the New York City Economic Development Corporation. Today, it is a bustling industrial park, and roughly 100 different companies occupy space in the terminal, employing more than 3,600 people.

▶ What is that crazy huge space inside Brooklyn Army Terminal that I’ve seen photos of online?

That is the atrium of Building B, which we visit on all of our tours.  his space was designed to accommodate two sets of railroad tracks that ran the length of the building. An overhead craneway could lift items from the distinctive offset, cantilevered balconies on either side of the atrium and lower them to waiting railcars. The balconies, cranes, and loading bays remain in the space, but they are no longer in active use by tenants; the construction of lobbies on either end of Building B severed the rail line, so only the middle portion of the tracks remains, though the balconies are used by tenants for utilities, sitting areas, and even small gardens.

▶ Are these tours good for kids?

We encourage people of all ages to visit the Brooklyn Army Terminal, but any activity that lasts two hours can be a bit much for younger children. Many children have joined the tour and enjoyed it so far.

Tickets for children ages 5-12 are half price, and children under 5 are welcome to join the tour for free.

▶ Is there anywhere to eat near the Brooklyn Army Terminal?

Located on the border of Sunset Park and Bay Ridge, the Brooklyn Army Terminal offers many great eating options outside its gates. A few that we recommend are:

  • Rosas Bakery, 5824 4th Ave (Mexican)
  • Ricos Tacos, 505 51st St (Mexican)
  • Anopoli Diner, 6920 3rd Ave (Diner & homemade ice cream)
  • Family Store, 6905 3rd Ave (Mediterranean)

Pete’s Brooklyn Eats restaurant is located in the lobby of the Brooklyn Army Terminal Building B and is open weekdays (please note that access to this space before or after the tour may be restricted for tour participants); Pete’s Place also has a nearby location on 1st Ave and 56th St. Sunset Park boast a wide variety of excellent cuisine – heading up 58th St from the Army Terminal, 4th and 5th avenues are the center of Brooklyn’s Mexican community, and 8th Ave is home to Brooklyn’s Chinatown. You can also consult the Brooklyn Army Terminal’s neighborhood map, which features many local restaurants and shops.

▶ How do I find out more about the Brooklyn Army Terminal?

As we research and develop more tours about the Brooklyn Army Terminal, we will be sharing much of our research on our blog, as well as on our Facebook page and Twitter feed. We encourage you to visit the New York City Economic Development Corporation and Brooklyn Army Terminal websites and see what new projects underway and new tenants are moving into the Army Terminal.

Food Cart Tours

▶ What is included with my tour ticket?

Your Food Cart Tour ticket includes 5-6 generous tastings from different food carts and trucks, your knowledgeable and helpful guide, and a bottle of water.

▶ Where does the tour start?

Midtown Food Cart Tours meet on the west side of 6th Avenue in the middle of the block between 42nd and 43rd Streets in front of the Bank of America Tower. This is located in close proximity to subway stations at 42 St-Bryant Park (B,D,F,M), 5th Ave (7), and Times Sq-42 St (N,Q,R,S,1,2,3,7).

Financial District Food Cart Tours meet just outside the doors of the public atrium at 60 Wall Street. This is located in close proximity to subway stations at Wall St (2,3), Wall St (4,5), Fulton St (A,C,J,2,3,4,5), Broad St (J), and Whitehall St (R).

▶ Is there a lot of walking?

Our Food Cart Tours require a maximum of about 1.25 miles of walking over the course of two hours, though this may vary slightly depending upon the location of the carts and trucks that we visit. Our guides strive to make everyone as comfortable as possible, so we try to provide places to sit and give you all the fuel you need to make the walk with delicious street food!

▶ I have specific dietary needs – can you accommodate me?

Absolutely! Our goal is always to accommodate all visitors to the best of our ability and for all tour attendees to participate equally in all of the activities. Nearly all of the food carts and trucks we work with offer options to meet most dietary needs, and over the years we have accommodated visitors with almost every conceivable dietary request. Please note any restrictions in your online reservation, and we are always happy to go over the tour tastings and answer any questions you may have – feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns you might have.

▶ I haven’t heard great things about “street meat.” Is it safe?

One of the advantages of going on our Food Cart Tours is that you will learn about the health and safety regulations affecting street vendors, and you will learn how to distinguish street vendors serving good, safe food from the rest. Street food gets a bad wrap, but not all street vendors are the same – we work only with the most delicious, highly-regarded, and reputable vendors.  All of these vendors rely on regular customers from Manhattan’s biggest office districts, so they have a huge incentive to serve good food that doesn’t make people sick. We want all of our visitors to have a positive experience with street food so that they will come back and continue to patronize these hard-working small businesspeople.

▶ Are these tours good for kids?

People of all ages can enjoy street food, so if your child is an adventurous eater and doesn’t mind spending a couple hours walking the streets of Manhattan, then they are more than welcome.

Tickets for children ages 5-12 are half price, and children under 5 are welcome to join the tour for free.

Public Market Tours

▶ What is included with my tour ticket?

Your Moore Street Market: Immigrant Foodways Tour ticket includes 6-8 generous tastings from different neighborhood restaurants and market vendors, your knowledgeable and helpful guide, and a bottle of water.

If you join our Essex Market Tours, your ticket includes 5-7 tastings from market vendors, and your knowledgeable guide.

▶ Where do the tours start?

Meeting locations for the Moore Street Market: Immigrant Foodways Tour may vary, so please consult the reminder email you receive in the days before your tour. The tour takes place along Graham Ave in Brooklyn’s East Williamsburg neighborhood. This area is easily accessible by subway from the Flushing Ave (J,M), Flushing Ave (G), or Montrose Ave (L) stops.

The Essex Market is located at 88 Essex St, on the corner of Delancey St in Manhattan’s Lower East Side. The market is easily accessibly by subway, located right next to the Delancey St-Essex St (F,J,M,Z) station. The tour will meet just inside the market’s north entrance on Delancey St.

▶ Is there a lot of walking?

We like to say that our Immigrant Foodways Tour is the world’s shortest walking tour – in two hours, we cover about five blocks, stopping in shops, restaurants, and markets along the way. There is just so much to see and taste, and so many people to meet! Our Tours of the Essex Market are 90 minutes long, and they take place entirely inside the market, so walking is minimal.

▶ I have specific dietary needs – can you accommodate me?

Our goal is to accommodate all visitors to the best of our ability and for all tour attendees to participate equally in all of the activities.  Our Immigrant Foodways Tour includes food tastings that are based on Dominican, Puerto Rican, and Mexican cuisines.  Therefore, with advance notice, some dietary preferences/restrictions can be accommodated. Vegetarians and individuals with gluten or dairy-free diets can be easily accommodated, while vegans will have more limited tastings at some of the stops. While food tastings are part of this tour experience, there is plenty to learn and enjoy regardless of your dietary requirements.

On our Essex Market Tours, we work with many different vendors, so we can provide tastings that meet most dietary needs.

When booking, please note any restrictions in your online reservation, and we are always happy to go over the tour tastings and answer any questions you may have – feel free to contact us.

▶ What is a New York City public market?

Starting in the late 1930’s, New York City established a network of city-owned indoor retail food markets, and at its peak, the system had 10 locations. Today, four of these public markets are still in operation, overseen by the New York City Economic Development Corporation: East Harlem’s La Marqueta, the Arthur Avenue Retail Market in the Bronx, the Essex Market, and the Moore Street Market. These markets, though small, continue to be vital links in the city’s food system, providing affordable, culturally-appropriate foods to neighborhoods, and offering opportunities for food entrepreneurs to access affordable space to start and grow their businesses.

▶ What is an “immigrant foodway”?

Brooklyn’s Williamsburg section has been home to a steady succession of immigrant groups, from Germans and Eastern European Jews a century ago to the Puerto Rican, Dominican, and Mexican communities that call the neighborhood home today. Each of these groups brought with them a rich food culture that was impressed upon the landscape, and today, complex networks of agriculture, manufacturing, and distribution bring foods from across the globe to serve the needs of changing cultural communities and local tastes. From neighborhood tortilla factories to specialty grocers to local farmers growing culturally-specific produce for immigrant markets, the Immigrant Foodways Tour explores the ways in which the amazingly rich and diverse food available in New York City gets on our plate.

▶ Are these tours good for kids?

We hope that the food and stories we share an our Public Market Tours appeal to people of all ages, and our guides are trained and capable of engaging with visitors young and old. If your child is up for trying some new foods and doesn’t mind a one- or two-hour walking tour, then we hope that they will join us for a tour as well.

Tickets for children ages 5-12 are half price on our Immigrant Foodways Tour, and children under 5 are welcome to join the tour for free.

Prospect Park Tours

▶ Where do the tours start?

Prospect Park is a 585-acre park located in the center of Brooklyn. Tours may begin and end at different locations, so please take note of this when booking. Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page for more information, or view the Prospect Park map.

Click the map below for Google Maps directions. If traveling by public transportation, visit for directions and service alerts.

Screen Shot 2017-02-28 at 6.44.50 PMBrooklyn Public Library, Grand Army Plaza

Hidden Treasures, Sustainable Prospect Park, Art & Architecture Tours

Starting Point: Tours begin on the front steps of the Brooklyn Public Library Central Library, located at 10 Grand Army Plaza. The nearest subway stations are at Grand Army Plaza (2,3) and 7th Av (B,Q).

End Point: These tours end at either the LeFrak Center at Lakeside, located in the southeast corner of the park near the Parkside Av (Q) subway station, or at the Children’s Corner, near the Prospect Park (B,Q,S) station.

▶ Is there a lot of walking?

Each tour covers between 1.5 and 2 miles of walking over the course of two hours, and the tour may involve climbing stairs, walking over uneven ground, and across dirt and mud, so we recommend wearing a good pair of walking shoes. Our guides strive to make everyone as comfortable as possible, so we try to provide places to sit or stand in the shade during the tour stops.

▶ Who is the Prospect Park Alliance?

The Prospect Park Alliance is a nonprofit organization founded in 1987 to restore and maintain Prospect Park after a long period of steady deterioration and decline. The Alliance works to preserve the natural environment, restore historic design, and provide public programs and amenities for the Park, which receives more than 10 million visits each year. The Alliance plays a significant role in funding the operating budget that keeps the Park clean, safe and beautiful, and employs three-quarters of the staff that take care of the Park, including horticulturalists, maintenance workers, arborists, ecologists, educators, volunteer coordinators, and visitor services representatives.

Prospect Park is the beautiful, dynamic space that it is for millions of New Yorkers thanks to the work of the Alliance, which relies on donations for its operating budget, including from its membership.

▶ Why should I become a member of the Prospect Park Alliance?

Not only are you supporting a spectacular landmark and multi-use park enjoyed by millions of people every year, you also get some great benefits from being member. If you would like to become the member of the Alliance and support their work, you can add a membership to your purchase when reserving tour tickets. Membership levels and benefits include:

  • Friend ($35): Prospect Park Alliance aluminum water bottle, $35 off a Citi Bike annual membership, invitations to fall and spring Member Tours & Trails, and 10% off season passes for ice skating, roller skating, bike and boat rentals at the LeFrak Center at Lakeside
  • Supporter ($100): Prospect Park Alliance tote bag, invitation to Member Creatures of the Night tour, subscription to Brooklyn Magazine, $1 off a beer at the Smorgasburg Beer Garden, and complimentary skating admission on Wednesdays
  • Family Supporter ($150): All of the Supporter benefits, plus unlimited rides on the Carousel (for family of four), invitation to Members Morning at Children’s Corner, and $25 off children’s birthday party rentals at the Carousel, Lefferts Historic House, LeFrak Center at Lakeside, and the Tennis Center

Click here to see all the membership levels and benefits.

▶ I am already a member of the Prospect Park Alliance – do I get a discount?

Thank you for being a member and supporting the Prospect Park Alliance! You should have received an email or other member communication that contains a special code that you can enter when booking your tickets to get 25% off. If you can’t find this code, please contact the Prospect Park Alliance membership department.

▶ Are these tours good for kids?

We encourage people of all ages to join our tours of Prospect Park, and we strive to make the tour as engaging as possible for everyone. But any activity that lasts two hours can be a bit much for younger children; luckily, we’re outdoors in a beautiful park where kids can run around!

Tickets for children ages 5-12 are half price, and children under 5 are welcome to join the tour for free.

▶ Is there anywhere to eat after the tour?

Most tours will end at or near the LeFrak Center at Lakeside, where the Bluestone Cafe offers breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, refreshments, beer, and wine, until 9pm on Fridays and until 5:30pm on Sundays. On Sundays, participants can also visit Smorgasburg Prospect Park, which features 100 outdoor food vendors, located on Breeze Hill, a short walk from the last stop on the tour.

Brooklyn Historical Society DUMBO Tours

▶ Where do the tours start?

▶ Is there a lot of walking?

Each tour covers approximately 1 mile of walking over the course of 90 minutes. Our guides strive to make everyone as comfortable as possible, so we try to provide places to sit or stand in the shade during the tour stops.

▶ I am already a member of the Brooklyn Historical Society – do I get a discount?

Thank you for being a member and supporting the Brooklyn Historical Society! You should have received an email or other member communication that contains a special code that you can enter when booking your tickets to get 10% off. If you can’t find this code, please contact the Brooklyn Historical Society membership department.

▶ Are these tours good for kids?

We encourage people of all ages to join our tours, and we strive to make the tour as engaging as possible for everyone. But any activity that lasts 90 minutes can be a bit much for younger children. Tickets for children ages 5-12 are half price, and children under 5 are welcome to join the tour for free.