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White Sauce, Hot Sauce: Film Screening & Conversation to support the Street Vendor Project

White Sauce Hot Sauce is a 20-minute documentary film that follows the lives of two food vendors originally from Egypt, who have migrated to NYC and set up shop as Halal street food vendors. The food vendor narrative in New York is not a new one, but a constantly evolving one. From Kosher Hot Dogs and Pretzels, to Greek Souvlaki and now Middle Eastern “Halal” styled food, street food is a staple of New York City life. Their stories depict an immigrant narrative full of heartbreak and hardship in a country that welcomes only bits and pieces of their traditions and culture while leaving others stuck in a game of political tug-of-war. This special virtual screening was held on August 26, followed by a conversation with the film’s Director Salah Anwar, street food vendor Mamdouh Eglammal, and the Director of the Street Vendor Project Mohamed Attia.

The video below includes the pre- and post-screening discussions. To watch the film itself, use this link.